Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

Our Warranty Police pertains only to Knives and Kydex sheaths manufactured by Ironside Knives Pty. Ltd. We stand by our products and our workmanship, however we will not open ourselves to abuse by those who wish to take a chance on getting free products.

Third party products like Sheath Mounts, Merchandise or other accessories, may or may not carry their own manufacturers warranty policy. We may facilitate this for you if applicable, but we offer no guarantees on third party manufactured items.

Warranty Policy Pertaining to Knives & Tools:

  • Sharpness is subjective. Please understand the purpose of the knife you have purchased and temper your expectations of sharpness accordingly. We will not replace knives if you think they are too blunt (or too sharp).
  • Minor aesthetic blemishes are not covered by this warranty.
  • Warranty does not cover damage as a result of abusive usage (ie. prying, dropping, throwing, etc.)
  • Warranty covers breakage or failure as a result of manufacturing defect (ie. poor heat treatment, etc.)

Warranty Policy Pertaining to Kydex products:

  • Kydex Sheaths are made to fit individual knives. To re-make a Kydex sheath we will require the original knife to fit it to.
  • Kydex Sheaths for defensive knives are designed to be a secure and tight fit. We will not replace sheaths if you feel it is too little or too much retention, as this is personal and subjective to every individual.
  • Warranty pertains to Kydex Sheaths which break (fail) within normal usage.