The Tiers Explained

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The Tiers Explained

Ironside Edge Works knives are available in both standard conifigurations and custom configurations, as well as special editions, and one-off masterworks versions.

Below we will go into more detail about the specifications of each Tier.

Tier 1

Tier 1 Knives are the most basic and utilitarian of the Tiers, although this doesn’t mean they are in any way inferior. Tier 1 knives are made with function in mind, using simpler materials and more hardwearing finishing.

Tier 1 Knives make use of sculpted G10 or Carbon Fiber handle scales which are hand sanded to remove hotspots and offer tons of tactile feedback. While every effort is made to keep the handle aesthetically pleasing, it is still wholly functional and can take a knock.

The Blade of Tier 1 knives are sandblasted and given a Matte Black Cerakote treatment. Cerakote is a microscopically thin ceramic coating which offers scratch and corrosion resistance, protecting the blade.

These knives are perfect for those with more utility in mind, and are available as stock and can be shipped immediately.


Custom Knives

Tier 2 – Custom Knives reach back to our very roots. Ironside Edge Works began as a custom operation, giving customers the chance to deck out their knife just how they like it.

These Custom Knives give you the chance to choose aesthetic options and carry preferences on standard models. You can choose everything from the blade finish, the handle type, handle materials and colours, accent materials, sheath and mount types.

Custom knives are only limited in quantity. We only have the capacity to make 15-20 of these knives per month. We only make them available when blades are in stock, and finish the knife off to your specification. Build time ranges from 3-8 weeks depending on complexity.

Bespoke Custom Knives

Tier 3 – Bespoke Custom Knives are from the ground up builds made to customer specification. We will of course offer guidance and suggestion based on the performance expectation of the knife you have in mind, but every aspect of the knife is customisable. We can modify existing models of our own (with some exceptions) or design and build a totally new knife for you.

Steel choice, finishing, materials, almost everything can be worked into the bespoke custom knife. It can be made as simple or as exotic as you like.

We only accept 5 of these Bespoke Custom Knife projects at any given time so we do not over commit. Build time will also range depending on how simple or complex the build is, from 4 weeks to 12 months.

Black Shadow

Special Edition Knives

Special Edition Knives are knives we make in small quantities as a one-off or in some cases once or twice a year depending on popularity.

We only make 5 knives in a batch making these unique, and often times sought after by collectors. Special Editions are made from current models or in some cases past discontinued models, using special materials.

You can see what Special Edition knives are available on the website, and also get an idea of what may be up coming soon. We never pre-sell Special Editions and they will only be available once the batch is complete.

Masterworks Knives

Masterworks Knives are our highest tier, representing the best of our abilities and the finest material.

We make Masterworks knives as single, one-off examples, although these may be part of a series such as the Four Horsemen knives. Typically they lean more to the high-end and artistic side of the scale, but are also in some cases based on usable EDC knives, such as the 100th Shrike in Damascus.

We make Masterworks Knives as an expression of our creativity, our desire to reach the height of our craft, and to celebrate the return or anniversary of certain of our regular models. You will find everything from Shrike’s to traditional Japanese Tanto’s in the Masterworks Knives area. Though you’ll have to jump on them when you can, remember, we typically only make one example!

100th Shrike