The Tiers Explained

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The Tiers Explained

Ironside Edge Works knives are available in three standard Tiers. Each Tier has specifications regarding materials and finishes used.

Apart from Tier 3 Custom knives and Special Project Knives, our production knives will all fit into one of these three categories: Tier 1 Knives, Tier 2 Knives and Tier 2 Tsukamaki Knives.

Below we will go into more detail about the specifications of each Tier.

Tier 1

Tier 1 Knives are the most basic and utilitarian of the Tiers, although this doesn’t mean they are in any way inferior. Tier 1 knives are made with function in mind, using simpler materials and more hardwearing finishing.

Tier 1 Knives use sculpted G10 handle scales which are hand sanded to remove hotspots and offer tons of tactile feedback. While every effort is made to keep the handle aesthetically pleasing, it is still wholly functional and can take a knock.

The Blade of Tier 1 knives are sandblasted and given a Matte Black Cerakote treatment. Cerakote is a microscopically thin ceramic coating which offers scratch and corrosion resistance, protecting the blade.


Tier 2

Tier 2 Knives kick things up a notch, giving the user a knife that is both highly functional and a little bit more special aesthetically.

Handles scales of Tier 2 Knives are made from solid Carbon Fiber which have been contoured by hand in unique patterns. The scales are then hand sanded and polished to a satin finish. Free of hotspots they are a softer, more sultry handle than in Tier 1.

Tier 2 blades are also given more attention. We hand sand Tier 2 blades to a satin finish and then subject them to a Hot Bluing treatment. The result is a classic finish that is reminiscent of a finely crafted firearm. While this finish does require periodic oiling and isn’t as corrosion resistant as Tier 1 blades, it has a beauty that images don’t do justice and is second to none.

Tier 2

Tier 2 Tsukamaki Knives are one of our hallmarks and quite often end up as functional and usable heirloom knives for many of our customers.

These knives feature our specialty Tsukamaki handle, painstakingly crafted from traditional (and sometimes not traditional) materials to resemble the handles of Japanese swords. There are four standard Tier 2 Tsukamaki handle options, each with their own material and colour combinations.

Once again, Tier 2 Tsukamaki knives have their blade finished in our Satin Blued finish for added opulence.