Tier 3 Custom Knives

Who we are and what we do


The True Custom Experience

Tier 3 Custom Knives are the pinnacle of our custom built experience. This is where we create our finest and most detailed work, with bespoke custom knives made to exacting specifications, a true tailored build.

We work on Tier 3 Custom Knives one at a time, with a single knifemaker overseeing the project to ensure a consistent and high quality finished knife. These builds are never rushed and can take several weeks to complete, although exact build time depends heavily on the specification of the knife.

During the build process you are in direct contact with the Knifemaker, who will keep you updated on progress.

Tier 3 Custom Knives are true heirloom quality knives which are made to last life-times, be functional and purpose made for their task, as well as aesthetically perfect.

Tier 3 Custom Knife orders start at $400.00 as a base price. At this time we limit any Tier 3 Order to a maximum of 2 Knives per order.

No Limit Custom Knife

Tier 3 Custom Knives are made without limitation. Whether you want a current model in our offerings, a past discontinued knife design, or an entirely new design built from the ground up to your specification, just about anything is possible. Our only caveat being we do not work on fantasy or fully artistic knives. All our designs are functional with best practices in mind.

With the model or design laying the ground work, we can produce the blade in a variety of steels, ranging from our house standard of 80Crv2 – a perfectly adequate and functional steel, to high end super steels like CPM Magnacut, or aesthetically pleasing Damascus. We can best advise you on appropriate steels if you are unsure.

The handle of your knife can be crafted from just about any material, although we will always stick to an aesthetic that we are known for, we are open to suggestion. Whether it’s G10, Carbon Fiber, Burl Wood, Bone, or even exotic material like Mammoth Ivory, almost anything can be done.

We also offer our unique, full construction Tsukamaki handle in Tier 3. Where multiple materials can be brought together to form a composite handle which is exquisitely finished and feels reminiscent of a traditional Japanese sword handle.

Tier 2 Custom Knives

The Process

Getting a Tier 3 Custom Knife takes time. We have a long waiting list of clients who are in line to have their dream Ironside Edge Works knife made by us.

The process starts with contacting us with your idea. You can be as detailed as you like, or leave us to fill in some of the blanks. You will be prompted to provide us with the info we need in order to give you an estimate on the cost of the project. Once you are happy to go forward you will be entered onto the Waiting List.

There is no cost or fee involved with being on the Waiting List. When you are next in line for your knife to be worked on you will be contacted, given an estimate on both the build time and any changes in cost. At this time you will be required to pay before work begins. You can also opt to remain on the Waiting List if you need more time.

Currently our Waiting Time is 6-8 months. Our Build Slots are fully booked until December 2023.

Should you want to get a Tier 3 Custom Knife it is best to get onto the Waiting List sooner rather than later!