Tier 2 Custom Options

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Tier 2 Custom Options

Since the start of Ironside Edge Works in 2017, customising knives has been the norm. Custom work is where we started, and while we were forced during Covid-19 Lockdown’s to pause this part of our business, we have recently re-opened our Custom orders in the form of Tier 2 Custom knives.

Tier 2 Custom Knives offer the buyer the chance to choose from a multitude of options and spec out their knife. The majority of these choices are aesthetic, but do allow you to create a knife that reflects your personal style. Whether its a simple utilitarian knife, or an heirloom piece.

You can see what models are available for Tier 2 Custom work by clicking here.

Blade Finish

We offer three different options for finishing on your Tier 2 Custom knife blade.

Matte Black Cerakote is our default. It’s a very utilitarian option, an ultra thin ceramic coating is applied to the blade and baked on. The result is a very tough scratch resistant coating that protects the blade from corrosion and keeps the blade looking great for a long time. It requires little to no maintenance.

We also offer Satin Blued and High Polish Blued finishes. These are done by a traditional hot bluing process, the same process used on classic firearms. The Satin Blued blade is partially finished by hand sanding before it is blued, while the High Polish Blued blade is fully hand sanded to a mirror finish prior to bluing. Both of the blued finishes give a timeless and classic look to your knife blade. They do however require periodic oiling to keep the blade looking great.

Synthetic Scales

Synthetic scales are the most utilitarian of our handle material choices. Giving you a handle that is perfectly practical for every day carry. That doesn’t mean it has to be dull however…

We offer two material choices, G10 or Carbon Fiber.

G10 is offered in three colour choices: Black, OD Green or Tan.

Carbon Fiber is a full thickness composite, and the layers create a very aesthetic effect once contoured.

Both G10 and Carbon Fiber scales are offered in at least one of three patterns: Kobayashi Pattern, Tsuka Pattern and Tsunami Pattern.

All patterns are applied to the scales by hand, the scales are then hand sanded and buffed to a satin finish to ensure a silky, comfortable grip free from hot-spots.

Wood Burl Scales

Wood Burl scales offer you a more classic handle scale using one of the most exquisite natural materials readily available.

We use stabilised burl woods which are natural in colour. Typically we only use dyed burls if the colour is close to a natural hue – no extreme greens, reds or blues.

For the time being we offer a limited range of burl species, but these are burls we can readily get. In time we may offer more range. When you order a Burl Wood handle scale we will (if possible) offer you a choice of specific burl blocks to choose from when the time comes for us to construct your handle. Species we currently offer are: Japanese Maple Burl, Spalted Maple Burl and Elm Burl.

Our Wood Burl handle scales are contoured either in our Kobayashi Pattern, or a soft contour which simply rounds the edges.

The scale handles are finished to a high satin finish, and buffed to a satin polish to enhance the grain.


The Tsukamaki handle option is our most complex and arguably one of the more visual striking choices. It also provides a lot of different options for you to choose from to further customise your Tier 2 Custom knife.

The Tsukamaki handle is made of of these parts: Liner, Fittings, Samegawa (ray skin), and Ito (the cord). The fittings are also pinned on, and in some cases can be blended into the fitting material, or using a contrasting material, can be made into a feature.


The liner is the base which the Tsukamaki handle is built on and is polished to the same level of the fittings, either satin or high polished. The liner materials are: Black G10, Brass or Copper.


The fittings are the pieces or “bolsters” at the front and back of the handle. The back fitting has a slot through with the ito terminates. The fittings are made of 3 materials, namely: Carbon Fiber, Buffalo Horn or Bone, and are finished in two different ways. Either Satin or High Polish.


The samegawa is the ray skin underneath the tsuka-ito (cord wrap). This is genuine raw-hide raisin which we lacquer in house. We can finish the Samegawa in one of four colours: Natural (white), Antiqued (darkened natural), Black or Crimson.


The Tsuka-ito is the cord wrap. We use only the finest quality silk or leather ito imported directly from Japan.Silk ito is resin coated and sealed to weather proof it. Leather is left in its natural state, but does not absorb moisture readily.

Silk ito is available in these colours: Black, Burgundy, Brown, Navy Blue or Green

Leather ito is available in: Black or Brown

Our Tsukamaki Process

Sheath Type & Mount

Finally, we offer three different types of kydex sheath for your custom knife depending on your personal carry preference.

Full Kydex Sheaths, also sometimes called “Pancake” style sheaths the largest footprint with more stability, and also offer the most mount points. These sheaths are good for Inside the Waistband carry.

Fold-Over Kydex Sheaths, also called “Taco” style sheaths offer a smaller footprint with slightly less stability, but can be more comfortable to wear as a result of the smaller size. They are also ideal for Outside the Waistband carry using Soft Loops, but can also be fitted with clips for Inside the Waistband.

Pocket Hook Sheaths are specially designed to be carried in the pocket of a sturdy pair of trousers. The sheath is designed in such a way that when the handle of the knife is accessed and pulled out of the pocket, the sheath hooks on the inside of the pocket and stays behind. These sheaths are typically a bit looser than regular sheath as they act more like a pocket protector than a traditional sheath.

Hole Spacing:

We offer two different hole spacings for your Kydex sheath. Discreet Carry Concepts spacing or Tek-Lok spacing. Typically we default to DCC spacing as it works for all the mounting hardware that we offer. However if you want to add other mounting hardware from other manufacturers, Tek-Lok spacing may be necessary.


We offer a few types of mounting hardware. We offer several High Level Retention Clips from Discreet Carry Concepts, and some alternatives from UltiClip. Either of these brands are suitable for Inside the Waistband carry, and can be used with or without a belt.

Soft Loops are best suited to being used with Fold Over Sheaths. These are good for Outside the Waistband carry.