The Sin Eater

The Sin Eater is one of our longest serving models behind the Shrike, and has been around since 2018. Now in its 4th Generation it has seen many refinements to become one of the most popular knives we make. 

The Sin Eater gets its eerie sounding name from the archaict practice of relieving a soul of its sin in the moment of death. The Sin Eater would, for the right price, alleviate a dying soul of their sin so that they may enter heaven. A name befitting a knife that is designed for the Defensive purpose of protecting its owner from unlawful attack.

The Sin Eater is a pure Pikal. Designed as a defensive knife for close combat, using reverse grip methodology, the Sin Eater excels at creating devastating wound channels through stabbing and ripping actions. This is one of the longest blades we make at 3.55″, well capable of penetrating deeply, but not so long as to become unwieldy. 

The blade is ground a sa single edge from thinner stock than some of our other models. This makes the Sin Eater light weight and slim, but still retains good thickness around the point for tip integrity, allowing it to puncture through tougher materials like leather with ease. It has also given the Sin Eater its distinctive and elegant lines. 

This knife was always designed to have a fairly neutral grip. Just big enough for the average hand , it can be used in both forward and reverse orientations if needed, although obviously feels more natural in the reverse. The very neutral handle also allows for plenty of creativity in the handle dressing. The Sin Eater takes Tsukamaki handles beautifully, and becomes a great canvas for materials like burl woods.

Much like our other designs, the Sin Eater has had much refinement over the years in the ergonomics of its handle. We like a knife that fits the hand like a glove, so that it feels intuitive and one with the user. The Sin Eater is no exception. Free from snag points to make concealed carry more attainable this blade can be carried and drawn with confidence. 

The Sin Eater can be mounted and carried both OWB or IWB, or even vest mounted if you’re a professional who requires it. The sheath comes with your choice of DCC 5.1 HLR Clip, or a Soft Loop set, but can also be fitted with any other mounts that take DCC spacing.

The Sin Eater is an elegant solution to a complex problem. It is a blade that you can be drawn to and satisfy both your worldly and spiritual needs. It will also be the last line for those who would do you harm.

Overall Length: 200mm / 7.90″
Blade Length: 90mm / 3.55″
Blade Thickness: 3.5mm / 0.14″ (nominal thickness is steel dependant)
Blade Configuration: Single Edge
Blade Geometry: Flat Grind 

Steels: 80Crv2 / W2 / Magnacut / Damascus / Aogami
Blade Finish: Cerakote / Bluing / Etching / Hamon (steel dependant)
Handle Types: Scales or Tsukamaki
Sheath: Standard Kydex / Soft Insert Kydex
Sheath Type: Fold Over with Adjustable Retention

Priced from $300.00 

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