The Ratón

Although it only debuted in our lineup in 2023, the Ratón has quickly grown to become a well refined and popular model. With its elegant lines and proportions it’s as good looking as it is effective. 

The Ratón began life as an experiment, as many knife designs do. During some free hand grinding the shape of the blade began to emerge and took the form of a fighting bull’s horn. From that moment it began to build its own character. 

Ratón is the name of one of Spain’s most famous fighting bulls. A dominant beast that took the lives of two Matadors and gored at least 30 runners in Pamplona over the years. His name which ironically means “Mouse” is juxtaposed to his killer instincts. Those brave enough to face Ratón knew him as a highly intelligent bull who would use deception and cunning to lure his rivals into a false sense of confidence, and then strike. Ratón has the honour that few fighting bulls do, of being undefeated and dying of natural causes.

The blade that honours his name is a full double edged asymmetric dagger with an elegant curve reminiscent of the famous beast’s horn. The blade measures 3.50″ in length, ensuring plenty of depth for damage. The double edge paired with such a fine point can often lead daggers to being quite fragile. To counter this we have given the Ratón a hybrid edge geometry. This puts a flat grind on the pikal edge, with a convex grind on the belly edge. The result is a tip that has added thickness to it and is able to withstand puncturing tougher materials. 

The handle of this knife is neutral and balances well, allowing users to switch grips swiftly, making it suitable for many styles and methodologies.

The neutral handle also fits the hand well, and adheres to our philosophy of no protruding snag points or hot spots to cause discomfort, either in hand or on the body whilst mounted. 

The Ratón can be mounted and carried both OWB or IWB, or even vest mounted if you’re a professional who requires it. The sheath comes with your choice of DCC 5.1 HLR Clip, or a Soft Loop set, but can also be fitted with any other mounts that take DCC spacing, like our Pocket Hook.

The Ratón is a formidable Defensive Knife worthy of its namesake, and is fast becoming a popular option for those seeking a double edged blade that fits the spirit as well as the practical needs

Overall Length: 195mm / 7.70″
Blade Length: 85mm / 3.50″
Blade Thickness: 5.5mm / 0.22″ (nominal thickness is steel dependant)
Blade Configuration: Double Edge
Blade Geometry: Hybrid Grind 

Steels: 80Crv2 / W2 / Magnacut / Damascus / Aogami
Blade Finish: Cerakote / Bluing / Etching / Hamon (steel dependant)
Handle Types: Scales or Tsukamaki
Sheath: Standard Kydex / Soft Insert Kydex
Sheath Type: Fold Over with Adjustable Retention

Priced from $300.00 

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