The Kitsune

The Kitsune is the newest knife design in our stable. Introduce in early 2024, it is our first real Tanto design.- and probably should have happened a lot sooner given our leanings toward Japanese aesthetics!

The Kitsune is named after the ancient Japanese folklore creature of the same name. According to lore, the Kitsune are foxes that possess paranormal abilities and can bewitch people, and can shape-shift into human form to trick people. They can also sometimes be portrayed as faithful guardians and friends.

Our Kitsune is modelled after a traditional Japanese tanto of the SHobu-Zukuri variety. This style features a long, slightly upswept kisseki or tip. The result is quite an elegant yet menacing looking blade that wants to pierce. The blade is ground from thin stock to ensure it remains light weight, slim and manoeuvrable, with a razor sharp edge that slices with ease. 

This is a knife that will puncture and penetrate deeply with a blade that is 4.50″ in length, and will slash through tough materials with ease once you master it.

The Kitsune features the Kwaiken-esque handle style that tapers gently to  a rounded butt. This handle is obviously quite neutral and lends itself well to tantojitsu. This knife is perfectly adept at both reverse grips and forward grips, and switches between them with ease.

The relatively neutral handle is obviously quite well adapted for our Tsukamaki treatment and blends the modern and traditional elements exceedingly well.

That said,  it can accommodate handle scales just as well. With its overall length around 9″ the Kitsune is verging on difficult to conceal carry for those of a smaller frame, but as is our philosophy, t is free from snag points to facilitate that as best as possible.

The Kitsune can be mounted and carried both OWB or IWB, or even vest mounted if you’re a professional who requires it. Although we would recommend OWB mounting via Soft Loops, the sheath does come with your choice of DCC 5.1 HLR Clip, or a Soft Loop set, but can also be fitted with any other mounts that take DCC spacing such as our Pocket Hook mount.

The Kitsune is a beautiful interpretation of a modern Japanese knife, especially when done in Tsukamaki, it exudes the warrior spirit. 

Overall Length: 235mm / 9.25″
Blade Length: 115mm / 4.55″
Blade Thickness: 3.5mm / 0.14″ (nominal thickness is steel dependant)
Blade Configuration: Single Edge
Blade Geometry: Convex Grind 

Steels: 80Crv2 / W2 / Magnacut / Damascus / Aogami
Blade Finish: Cerakote / Bluing / Etching / Hamon (steel dependant)
Handle Types: Scales or Tsukamaki
Sheath: Standard Kydex / Soft Insert Kydex
Sheath Type: Fold Over with Adjustable Retention

Priced from $300.00 

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