Support Us on Patreon!

Support Us on Patreon!
January 22, 2023 IronsideAdmin
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support us on Patreon

We have launched our new Patreon channel for 2023! With the issues arising of social media channels like Meta de-platforming or shadow banning knife makers becoming more prevalent, we have taken steps to insulate our business from the damage that this can cause. One way you can help is to support us on Patreon.

Patreon is essentially a subscription service, which for a very small monthly fee allows you to get exclusive access to certain content and benefits. We are going to be diverting more time to expanding our YouTube channel in 2023 and making regular, interesting video content for our customers and supporters to enjoy. Supporting us via our Patreon helps us to cover the costs involved with creating this content and keeping our social media more robust.

There are certain perks involved in being a Patreon support of course. We have created two Tiers for supporters via Patreon, each with their own benefits.

The Tier 1 Supporter options is just $2.00 per month, but gives you access to Live Q&A Sessions with us over the course of the year. You can ask us anything you like during these events, from our martial arts experiences and involvements, to general knife making questions, or specific questions about the knives we make. You’ll also get an automatic entry to an annual Patreon Supporters exclusive give-away draw. This will be for one of the Masterworks knives we create this year, and a great opportunity to potentially win a very high end knife for very little cost. Lastly we will also periodically give discount codes to our Patreon supporters throughout the year.

The next Tier up is our Patronus tier. This is a very exclusive supporter class as there are just 25 places available in this tier. The Patronus supporters get all the same benefits of the standard supporter tier, however there are two additional perks. The first is an additional entry into a Patronus-only knife giveaway. The Patronus Knife is a masterworks level bespoke creation, a unique design which is not available to anyone else, and you get a 1 in 25 chance to own it! The draw to decide who gets it will be done at a random point this year, and will consist of whoever is part of the 25 Patronus spots at that time. Should anyone of our Patronus Tier supporters cancel their subscription in the year, their spot will open up and allow a new supporter to join.

Another perk of being a Patronus is the ability to place a bespoke, full custom knife order with us at any point during your tenure as a Patronus supporter. This is something we don’t want to make fully accessible to just anyone. The ability for us to exclusively tailor a knife to your exact specifications, from design to material specification is a dedicated pursuit that takes time to execute, and is really only for the type of supporter who is as dedicated to our art as we are.

The Patronus Supporter tier is $10.00 per month, and also includes some exclusive merchandise which is coming later in the year.

We are living in difficult times, where people like us who have dedicated our time to the pursuit of high end, high quality edged tools are gradually falling from grace as the platforms which we depend on to run our small businesses slowly try to kill us off. By supporting us on Patreon you are playing a role in ensuring we are able to continue our craft and pursuit of that unattainable perfection.

We thank you Patrons.

Gavin & Elijah