Limited Edition Project Knives

Special Project Knives are a series of Limited Edition or, in some cases, once-off builds. Whether inspired by certain people, or plucked purely from the imagination of our Designers, these knives represent the highest in art meeting function. When Special Project Knives become available it’s best to place an order as soon as you can - it may be your only chance to get one of these unique works.


The Ibara is a special knife. First commissioned as a design by famed Combatives Instructor Craig Douglas (SouthNarc) in 2019, the Ibara took just over a year to come to fruition. With Craig’s stamp of approval this superb defensive knife is now available to order, but in limited quantities.

Here you can find specifications and the options available for The Ibara and get your very own on order.

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The Requiem was first conceived in 2018. A limited run of just 10 knives were produced for sale. These knives were highly sought after and gained some high status among collectors. But we have always felt these could be improved upon.

A new series of Requiem knives is coming in 2021. A limited series of 15 knives will be made. Be sure you get on the pre-order list when it opens!

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