Tier 2 Archangel

Tier 2 Archangel


ier 2 Custom Archangel is the first real foray into the defensive Wharncliffe style, giving users a formidable forward grip option…

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Blade Options

Define your blade from the options below.

  • Blade Steel *

    80Crv2 is our default steel and what we recommend to anyone who is looking for a functional, utuiltarian knife for every day use and carry. High Carbon Steels & Damascus are also functional but can be finished more aesthetically and require more care and maintenance.

  • Blade Finish *

  • Blade Finish *

    We Clay Harden the blade in house to create the hamon. This is a variable process and the result can never be fully predicted. Polishing and Bluing the blade results in a dark blade with a very subtle Hamon. Hadori Polishing is a traditional method of polishing the blade and revealing the Hamon with mild acids.

  • Blade Finish *

    We finish your Damascus blade to a high satin finish and etch it to reveal the pattern. We typically use V-Ladder Damascus made from high carbon 1080 and 15N20 for our blades.

Handle Options

Use the options below to define your knife handle.

  • Handle Type *

  • Synthetic Scale Material *

  • Synthetic Scale Style *

  • Organic Scale Material *

    Organic Materials ar finished to a high polish. While we offer this option on all our knife models, the size of the handle may influence availability of some materials, which may influence the build time.

  • Wood Burl Scale Material *

    Other Wood Burls are available on request. What we have available at any given time is dependant on what is in our inventory or available with our suppliers. All Wood Burl Handles are hand finished to a high satin finish, and buffed to reveal the grain and figure.

  • Scale Style *

  • Handle Pins *

  • Optional Liner *

  • Required Handle Liner *

    A Handle Liner is required for Wood Burl Scale Handles and Tsukamaki Handles.

  • Tsukamaki Fittings *

    Tsukamaki Handle Fittings are the components at the front, and the back of the handle which mimic the Fuchi and Kashira of a traditional Japanese Sword handle.

  • Tsukamaki Fitting Pins *

    Tsukamaki Fitting Pins are finished to match the fittings they are on.

  • Samegawa Colour *

    Samegawa is the raw-hide ray skin leather underneath the Tsukamaki wrap. This is the same type of ray skin used on traditional Japanese Swords, it is prepared with traditional methods and colour lacquered to your preferred finish.

  • Tsuka Ito Colour / Material *

    We use the highest grade silk and leather ito imported from Japan. Our Tsuka Ito is wrapped in the traditional method with Washi Paper spacers underneath he cord. It is pulled extremely tight to ensure very minimal movement on the handle. The Ito terminates in traditional knots through the end handle Fitting (Kashira).

  • Resin Seal Ito? *

    Some users prefer having their Silk Ito sealed with clear resin. While this will weatherproof the silk and harden it in place. We also offer the option to leave it natural. Uncoated Silk will age with time and use, however it is much easier to replace and can be more comfortable to wear, especially IWB.

Sheath & Mount

Select your preferred Sheath and Mount Type here.

  • Primary Sheath Type *

  • Mount Spacing *

    DCC Mount Spacing will accommodate DCC Universal IWB Clips or Soft Loops for OWB. Tek-Lok Spacing can accommodate Tek-Lok products for a variety of mount types, or Soft Loops.

  • Preferred Mount *

  • Handedness *

    Handedness refers to the hand with which you draw the knife from the sheath. We will set your Sheath and Mount up for you according to your handedness, although it's quite easy to change later if you wish.


Select any extras for your custom knife here.

  • Sharpening *

    Machine Sharpening will give you a perfectly functional sharp blade. For an exquisitely finished edge we can also further sharpen your knife by hand on Japanese Water Stones to a 6000 Grit, mirror polished edge.

  • Add a Blunt Trainer *

    Add a matching Blunt Trainer with your custom knife for a $20.00 discount. We will make it to match your live blade as closely as possible.

  • Payment Method *

    We will send a payment link to you via email for your preferred payment method.

  • I have read and understand the Terms & Conditions of Sale.

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The Archangel is the first real foray into the defensive Wharncliffe style knife. Deviating from our traditional Pikal models, the Archangel gives users a formidable and very effective forward grip defensive knife.

The Wharncliffe, to the uninitiated, may seem like an unlikely contender for an effective defensive knife. Popularised by Michael Janich of Martial Blade Concepts, and famed designer of the Spyderco Yojimbo, the wharncliffe offers users serious cutting power from the straight edge. The Archangel makes use of this extreme cutting power in its design and couples it with the robust frame of thick stock 80Crv2 steel. While it may not seem obvious, the design is also very capable of piercing and thrusting. The flat spine forces the edge into the cut, essentially helping it glide effortlessly through organic materials.

Tier 2  Knives offers our customers the opportunity to personalise our standard model offerings, and create a unique version of our designs from preset options. Using these options you can define your Tier 2 Archangel.

New to the 2023 Tier 2  Archangel options is the chance to choose the Blade Steel. Each steel type has its pro’s and con’s. If you’re looking for a more utilitarian blade, 80Crv2 is the steel for you, it’s tough and takes a fine edge and can be finished in both utilitarian Cerakote or slightly more aesthetic blued finishes. Our High Carbon 10xx series steel choice is paired with a new aesthetic treatment we are offering with the introduction of Hamons. A Hamon is a Japanese influenced differential heat treated blade using clay, which results in beautiful temper lines in the blade which are revealed with a painstaking amount of polishing. We offer two finishes with Hamon, namely a Blued Hamon which results in a darker blade with very subtle Hamon, and a more traditional Hadori Polished blade, which is a highly polished blade akin to a Japanese Sword, which reveals the Hamon. Lastly, we offer the opportunity to create a Damascus steel blade. The patterns of Damascus steel we can get cary greatly, and the precise details of your Damascus blade will be discussed with you once the order is processed.

The Custom Archangel has a variety of Handle Styles and material options available. From Symthetics like G10 and Carbon Fiber, to high quality Wood Burls. Some new options have been added as well, most notably the option for Mammoth Ivory, either in full handle scales or Tsukamaki handle fittings. Our famous Tsukamaki handle also has a few new options.

After you have built up your knife handle, the options continue on to Sheaths and Mounts. Most of these choices will be familiar to Tier 2 Custom Knives veterans, but in short you can select the sheath type and mount option you prefer best for your carry style. In future we will be adding new options to this area.

One of the new options available to you is a choice of sharpening. Our standard, and perfectly function machine sharpening is standard across both Tier 1 and Tier 2 Custom Knives, but we now also offer Japanese Water Stone Sharpening. This is a hand honing process across various grades of water stone which results in an extremely fine, highly mirror polished 6000 grit cutting edge, which not only should last longer, but slice cleaner too. Lastly, you have the option of adding a matching Blunt Trainer to your order at a slight discount.

We are extremely limited to how many Custom Knives we accept and take on at any given time, so Tier 2 Custom Knives are limited to 1 per order, unless previously arranged with one of our Knifemakers.

How to Order:

The first step is to select from the various options in the menu’s for your blade steel, finish, handle materials, etc. Once you’ve selected all the options, add it to your cart and submit the order as you normally would. We will confirm all the details and costs with you via an official Quote by email.

Once you are happy with the cost and want to proceed we will assign your build to a knife maker if they are available. If there are no available slots with either of our makers your order will be placed in the Waitlist until an availability opens up.

There is no payment required to be on the Waitlist. Only once your order is assigned to a knifemaker payment will be required before work begins. The Waitlist is first come, first served. Payment does not push you up the list.

If your Order is up on the Waitlist and you cannot make payment, for whatever reason, you can elect to stay on the Waitlist or cancel your order. When your order is nearing the top of the Waiting List we will notify you to let you know payment will be required soon to get your knife made.

2023 Specifications

Steel: 80CRV2 or 10xx Series Carbon Steel.
Hardness: 60 – 61 Hrc (depending on steel)
Overall Length:200mm / 7.90″
Blade Length:
85mm / 3.35″
Blade Thickness:
5.4mm / 0.22″
Edge Geometry:
Flat Ground


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