Custom Shrike- SH199

Custom Shrike- SH199


The Tier 2 Shrike offers you our most popular pikal knife in higher end finishes!

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The Shrike was initially conceived by designer Gavin Coleman in early 2017 as a purpose made defensive knife during his involvement in the development of The Maul , a combatives system which focussed itself around the use of knives. The experiences of this development and combative exploration was a major influencing factor in the design of the Shrike, and after several design evolutions it remains one of the most formidable defensive EDC knives on the market, and our most popular model.

The Pikal style was chosen for the Shrike due to its simplicity of function, but also its devastatingly destructive ability. The Pikal configuration offers the user the ability to deliver severe damage to an opponent with very base, and quite instinctive movement patterns. This style of knife has since become a hallmark of Ironside Edge Works’ and one of our specialties.

The Shrike hasn’t been tampered with in terms of its fundamental design. It features an ergonomic handle which allows for fast indexing on the draw, without snag points for concealed carry. The shape of the handle offers the user a secure and natural grip, which helps to drive the point of the blade with a neutral wrist. The blade is free hand ground from thick stock 80Crv2 to ensure a point that can be driven through thicker materials and survive the rigours of combat. The edge geometry is a flat ground on an inward curve blade, with a fine edge that does severe damage to organic soft tissues in those drag cuts so intuitive in Pikal work.

This is a ready to purchase Custom Shrike. The blade is Satin Blued, with the handle a combination scale featuring a copper liner and Kobayashi style Carbon Fiber scale. The knife is sheathed in a Fold Over style Kydex sheath and supplied with a Soft Loop for OWB carry, although it could be fitted with other mounts as well.

2023 Specifications

Steel: 80CRV2
Hardness: 60 – 61 Hrc 
Overall Length: 185mm / 7.20″
Blade Length: 75mm / 2.95″
Blade Thickness: 5.6mm / 0.22″
Edge Geometry: Flat Ground

Blade Finish: Satin Blued
Handle Material: , Carbon Fiber, Copper Liner, Carbon Pins
Sheath Material: Kydex
Sheath Styles: Fold Over Sheath
Mounting: Soft Loop
Design: Gen 5