Custom Gaijin – GJ003

Custom Gaijin – GJ003


The Gaijin is a modern homage to the traditional Japanese Tango, featuring anhand polished blade, razor sharp edge and distinctive Tsukamaki handle…

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The Gaijin has been in development, in one shape or form, with us for some years now. Being so heavily influenced by Japanese blade styles and aesthetics, it’s no surprise that we make a Tanto. The Gaijin is no ordinary Tanto however, it is a modern homage to the traditional form.

The word Gaijin literally means “Outsider” or “Foreign”. It’s a fitting name for something that aims to feel traditional, but is modern in its construction. The Gaijin combines the detail and form of a traditionally built Tanto with the modern construction of our Tsukamaki handle.

The Gaijin is made from a simple high carbon steel, in this case 1075, and is oil quench hardened right here in our workshop. The Hira-Zukuri style tanto blade is then finish ground on the belt grinder, and painstakingly hand polished with progressively finer abrasives to a 2500 grit finish. The blade is not machine polished at all. This blade has a convex edge which has been hand honed on Japanese Water Stones all the way to a 6000 grit mirror polished edge. The result is a blade that is razor sharp, with a profile giving a robust point for thrusting, and gentle curve you expect from a Japanese tanto.

The handle of our Gaijin is only available as a Tsukamaki, to further align it with its traditional counterpart. With very a neutral handle with a gentle distal taper toward the butt, which is gentle rounded.

This is a ready to purchase Gaijin. The Tsukamaki handle is built on an Antiqued Copper Liner and Fittings, lending it some apparent age The Black Leather ito is wrapped over our Crimson lacquered Samegawa. Finally, we have a central pin, called a Mekugi on the traditional handle, which has been made from antique Japanese bamboo. The knife is sheathed in a Full style Kydex sheath and supplied with a Soft Loop for OWB carry, although it could be fitted with other mounts as well.

You can additionally add a Blunt Trainer version with your order as an option for a slight discount, ensuring we can make the trainer to match the live blade as close as possible.

The Gaijin is a rare model which is not usually available for direct purchase. This is a great chance to get one now!

2023 Specifications

Steel: 1075
Hardness: 58Hrc
Overall Length: 230mm / 9.05″
Blade Length: 115mm / 4.53″
Blade Thickness: 5mm / 0.21″
Edge Geometry: Convex Ground

Blade Finish: Hadori Polish
Handle Material: Antique Copper Liner, Antique Copper Fittings, Crimson Samegawa, Black Leather Ito, Antique Bamboo Mekugi
Sheath Material: Kydex
Sheath Styles: Full Sheath
Mounting: Soft Loop
Design: Gen 2


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