The Sin Eater – Tier 2 Version

The Sin Eater – Tier 2 Version


The Sin Eater is more than just an edgy name, it is one of our most popular knives. Sleek and elegant, it is as strikingly beautiful as it is devastatingly effective…

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The Sin Eater is more than just an edgy name, it is one of our most popular knives. This is a lightweight, slimline Pikal knife designed to fit seamlessly into your every day carry. It’s also one of our most elegantly stylish, perfect for a minimalist carry.

Made from a simple high carbon steel, Bohler K460 (equivalent of O1), The Sin Eater is one of the longest Pikal knives we make, but its also the thinnest and most slimline with a blade thickness around 3.8mm or 0.15″. The slim, single edge blade results in a point that is robust yet still offers more than adequate penetration, helped by it being of reasonably thin steel for a knife of this type. The edge itself is a flat grind that has also resulted in this being one of our sharpest knives. The Sin Eater’s long blade is made to reach out and touch, and then cleave cleanly through material.

The Sin Eater has a relatively neutral handle design with adequate security for a combative knife. Although minimalist in its ergonomics, the handle ensures the point index remains neutral. The Tier 2 Version features a Carbon Fiber handle Scale that is contoured in our Kobayashi pattern. The blade itself is Satin Blued, a classic finish reminiscent of an old firearm, giving the blade a dark sultry feel, perfect for its name.

The sheath is hand made from pressed Kydex and comes with a Discreet Carry Concepts 5.1 HLR Gear Clip as standard, allowing you to mount the knife Inside the Waistband for concealed carry.


Steel: Bohler K460 
Steel Finish: Satin Blued
Hardness: 60Hrc
Overall Length: 195mm / 7.65″
Blade Length: 90mm / 3.54″
Blade Thickness: 3.8mm / 0.15″
Edge Geometry: Flat
Edge Rating: Medium Fine
Handle Material: Carbon Fiber
Handle Pattern: Kobayashi
Sheath: Kydex
Mount: Discreet Carry Concepts 5.1 HLR Gear Clip


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