The Sin Eater – Tier 2 Custom

The Sin Eater – Tier 2 Custom


The Sin Eater is more than just an edgy name, it is one of our most popular knives. Tier 2 Custom version allows you to decide a multitude of aesthetic options and comfort choices! Build your dream Sin Eater here!

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Tier 2 Custom Sin Eater Options

Use the options below to build your Tier 2 Custom knife. If the product shows Out of Stock, it means we have no blades available for custom orders at the time.

  • Actual colour and figuring will vary from piece to piece. On ordering we will send you a selection, if available, of actual burl scales to choose from.

  • Liner's are thin materials sandwiched between the blade and handle scale. They are Satin polished to add a touch of colour.

  • A liner is required for Tsukamaki handles, as the scale is built upon this base. Liner's are finished to the same level as the fittings on them, either high polished or satin.

  • Samegawa is the raw-hide stingray skin used underneath the ito (cord) wrap. The size of the nodes will vary, however we try our best to match the node size to the handle size to keep good proportions.

  • The first Tsuka-Ito wrap covers a message written on washi paper, by default this message reads "Divine Companion". However you can opt for a personal message here.Max: 25 characters

  • Mosaic Pins may vary depending on what is available at the time of ordering. On placing your order we will send pictures of the selection of Mosaic Pins for you to choose from.

    This is the hand you draw / access your knife with. We will set up the hardware on your sheath according to this selection. Tsukamaki handles are also configured according to your handedness.

  • Options are only selectable if stock is available.

  • Additional sheaths are made to fit your knife and exclude mounting hardware. Extra mounting hardware can be ordered separately from our Accessories category.

  • I understand the terms & conditions of buying a custom made knife, and acknowledge that this product will take between 4-8 weeks to ship.

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The Sin Eater is more than just an edgy name, it is one of our most popular knives. This is a lightweight, slimline Pikal knife designed to fit seamlessly into your every day carry. It’s also one of our most elegantly stylish, perfect for a minimalist carry.

Made from a high carbon steel, 80Crv2, The Sin Eater is one of the longest Pikal knives we make, but its also the thinnest and most slimline with a blade thickness around 4mm or 0.15″. The slim, single edge blade results in a point that is robust yet still offers more than adequate penetration, helped by it being of reasonably thin steel for a knife of this type. The edge itself is a flat grind that has also resulted in this being one of our sharpest knives. The Sin Eater’s long blade is made to reach out and touch, and then cleave cleanly through material.

The Sin Eater has a relatively neutral handle design with adequate security for a combative knife. Although minimalist in its ergonomics, the handle ensures the point index remains neutral

The Tier 2 Custom Sin Eater gives you the option of choosing a multitude of mostly aesthetic options to build your own, personal knife. You can make it as simple or as complex as you like! You also get to select from sheathing and mounting options to fine-tune the knife to your personal carry style. For an in-depth look at all choices available to you, head to the Tier 2 Custom Options page.

We only make provision for a limited number of Tier 2 Custom Sin Eater blades per month. We do this to ensure that we do not take on too many custom orders at one time, so that we can ensure the work is not only of a very high standard, but also gets completed on time. In general build time is estimated at 4-8 weeks. The range is mainly depending on the complexity – Synthetic scale handles are the simplest and quickest, while tsukamaki takes a lot longer. Likewise, materials we have offered are generally what we keep on hand and what is readily available. However occasional delays can happen – we will always keep you apprised if this is the case.

Specifications & Options

Steel: 80CRV2
Hardness: 61Hrc
Overall Length: 195mm / 7.65″
Blade Length: 90mm / 3.54″
Blade Thickness: 4mm / 0.15″
Edge Geometry: Flat Ground

Blade Finish: Matte Black Cerakote | Satin Hot Blued | High Polish Hot Blued
Handle Style: Synthetic Scales | Wood Burl Scales | Tsukamaki
Handle Pattern: Various Options
Sheath Material: Kydex
Sheath Styles: Full Sheath | Fold-Over Sheath | Pocket Hook Sheath
Mounting: No Mount | DCC 5.1 HLR Gear Clip | Ulti-Clip | Soft Loop
Design: Gen 3



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