The Gaijin – GJ001

The Gaijin – GJ001


The Gaijin is our homage to traditional Japanese blades, a modern tanto which has been constructed with the finesse of an antique…

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The Gaijin is the culmination of our obsession with traditional Japanese blades, and Tsukamaki handles. While it is obviously a modern tanto, it has been constructed to pay homage to the detail and craftsmanship of a traditional Japanese tanto. The word “Gaijin” is Japanese for “Outsider”, and is typically used to denote foreigners. This modern take on a traditional Tanto is then fitting for the title.

This is the first and only Gaijin we will be making in 2022, and this model will continue to be made in very limited numbers going forward. In this iteration, the blade is made from 80Crv2, and has been convex ground along its edge to create a seriously sharp blade, with an edge that has been run on Japanese Waterstones to a 6000 grit finish. Th blade geometry has been designed to mimic a hire-zukuri style blade. The point of the blade is very robust and designed to be thrust through heavy material. While very unconventional, the blade has been given a Matte Black Cerakote finish.

We have almost mimic’d the sori of a traditional blade, that is the term denoting the gradual and gentle curve of the blade created during its heat treating.

The handle has been given our usual Tsukamaki application, with a handle shape that is reminiscent of a traditional Tsuka, especially at the end. One new feature which has only previously been done once, on the first of our Four Horsemen knives, is the inclusion of a Mekugi. This is the single pin through the handle, which on traditional blades is the only mechanical faster which keeps the Tsuka pinned onto the blade. In this instance the Mekugi is purely decorative and has been made with a polished mosaic pin, but serves as a knowing nod to the traditional.

The handle has otherwise been clad with the unrivalled elegance of black leather ito, with a crimson samegawa underneath. The fittings are made from black buffalo horn, which has been highly polished to a mirror finish. We absolutely love these kinds of fittings as they really add an air of elegance to the knife.

The Gaijin is the longest knife have ever made and is fitted with a fold over Kydex sheath, complete with a pair of Soft Loops should you wish to mount this knife on your belt.

The Gaijin is a special knife which we will not make very often, elegant, and conveys the sense of honour that a divine companion really should.

Specifications & Options

Steel: 80CRV2
Hardness: 61Hrc
Overall Length: 378mm / 14.90″
Blade Length: 200mm / 7.90″
Blade Thickness: 5.4mm / 0.22″
Edge Geometry: Zero Convex

Blade Finish: Matte Black Cerakote
Handle Style: Tsukamaki
Handle Material: Black Leather Ito, Crimson Samegawa, Black G10 Liner, High Polish Buffalo Horn Fittings, Mosaic Pin
Sheath Material: Kydex
Sheath Styles: Fold Over Sheath
Mounting: Soft Loops x 2
Design: Gen 1


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