The Chimera – Tier 2 Tsukamaki – Gaijin

The Chimera – Tier 2 Tsukamaki – Gaijin


The Chimera is one of our earliest designs. A larger, more robust Pikal style knife that dominates the encounter. This Tier 1 Highline version has a stylish look about it too!

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The Chimera is one of our earliest designs. A larger, more robust Pikal style knife that dominates the encounter.

The Chimera is a Single Edged variant with a swedge supporting the point where force can be concentrated for heavy piercing. It is a big knife meant to penetrate and puncture through harder organic materials and thicker or tougher layers of clothing. This is a bull dozer designed to punch through whatever stands in its way.

Like the Shrike, the Chimera follows our philosophy of being a hardy and robust defensive weapon where toughness is preferred over hair popping sharpness. While the edge is perfectly capable of cutting, the Chimera is not a delicate tool, and is ground to a Zero Convex edge to give the best of both sharpness and durability.

The other notable design feature of the Chimera is the large indented ricasso area which creates its iconic profile. This has the dual purpose of reducing the width of the blade but also acting as a placement for the user’s second hand in the instance of performing a double handed drag cut.

The Tier 2 Tsukamaki version gives the Chimera one of our most unique finishes. The Tsukamaki handle is something we have worked on for many years, using traditional (and non traditional) Japanese materials and techniques to produce a modern take on the traditional Japanese sword handle. We use high quality silk and leather Ito (cord) and high grade Samegawa (ray skin) to create these exquisite pieces.

This Tsukamaki handle is called “Gaijin”, a Japanese word translating roughly to “Outsider”. This configuration blends modern materials with the traditional Tsukamaki. The fittings are made from Carbon Fiber which as been given a satin polish. The Samegawa is black lacquered, and the wrap completed with Black silk ito. The blade of this Chimera is polished to a satin finish and given a cold blue chemical etch to create a dark blue patination on the blade.

The Chimera is both a formidable defensive edged weapon for those in need of something with a larger profile, but it also has its own elegance and a surprising amount of grace for a knife its size.


Steel: 80CRV2
Steel Finish: Satin Cold Blue
Hardness: 61Hrc
Overall Length: 190mm / 7.50″
Blade Length: 85mm / 3.35″
Blade Thickness: 5.6mm / 0.22″
Edge Geometry: Convex
Edge Rating: Robust
Handle Material: Carbon Fiber, Silk Ito, Samegawa
Handle Pattern: Tsukamaki
Sheath: Kydex
Mounting: DCC 5.1 HLR Gear Clip


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