The Black Shadow – Special Edition

The Black Shadow – Special Edition


The Black Shadow is a limited edition forward grip monster, get one while you can!

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The Black Shadow is a special, limited edition knife that was designed as a departure from our usual pikal style knives. It is a monster of a blade, not so much in its size, but in its destructive ability.

This is a larger than average knife, with an overall length of 200mm or 7.87 inches, with a long wharncliffe style blade that more closely resembles a raptor’s claw. The blade is hand-cut and free hand ground from 80Crv2 steel, the bevel is flat ground which gives it a robust, but still very sharp edge. The 90mm / 3.54″ long edge has a subtle inward curve along its length. Inwardly curved blades like that of the Black Shadow have a tendency to slipe well, forcing material over a bigger surface area of the edge. This coupled with the thick, strong blade make it a formidable cutter. And although the tip is offset from centre, it is reinforced slightly be a small wedge to aid piercing.

The Black Shadow is finished to the same level as our Tier 2 Carbon knives. The blade is satin polished and has.a black oxide finish, while the handle scales are made from Carbon Fiber, satin polished to highlight its texture.

The Black Shadow is finished with a hand pressed fold-over Kydex sheath and supplied with a Soft Loop mount for OWB carry. Although you could also fit Discreet Carry Concepts HLR clips to a sheath of this type if you prefer IWB.

The Black Shadow is a limited edition work, which means there are a limited number of these knives available. When they are gone, we don’t know when they will be made again.


Steel: 80Crv2
Steel Finish: Satin Black Oxide
Hardness: 61Hrc
Overall Length: 200mm / 7.87″
Blade Length: 90mm / 3.54″
Blade Thickness: 5.5mm / 0.22″
Edge Geometry: Flat Ground
Handle Material: Carbon Fiber
Sheath: Kydex
Mounting: Soft Loop
Design: Gen I


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