The Bishop – Tier 2 Custom

The Bishop – Tier 2 Custom


The Bishop is a conventional style forward grip fighting knife based on a Persian style knife with a stout upswept point. Elegant and tough! Choose from the options to build your dream Bishop here!

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2023 Custom Bishop Options

Use the options below to define your Custom Bishop!! It can be as simple or as complex as you like.

  • Blade Configuration *

  • Blade Finish *

  • Handle Type *

  • Synthetic Handle Material *

  • Synthetic Scale Texture / Style *

  • Organic Scale Material *

  • Organic Scale Texture / Style *

  • Optional Handle Liner *

  • Wood Burl Scale Options *

    Actual colour and grain will differ from pictures shown. We only use natural colour or neutral colour dyed burls. If supplies allow it, we will give you a selection of burl blocks to choose from in your selected species when you pace your order.

  • Wood Burl Scale Texture / Style *

  • Required Handle Liner *

    Handle Liners are required for Wood Burl and Tsukamaki handle types.

  • Tsukamaki Fitting Material *

  • Samegawa Finish *

    Samegawa is raw-hide ray skin which we colour in-house. Node sizes do vary, but we do our best to match the node size to the handle to ensure good proportions.

  • Tsuka Ito *

  • Resin Seal Ito? *

    Resin sealing the Silk Ito will weather proof it and protect it, however the resin can affect the colour and lustre of the silk ito. Not sealing the Silk Ito will mean that your handle may need to be re-wrapped periodically, depending on how often it is carried. Re-Wrapping can be done via our Legacy Services.

  • Pin Material *

  • Handedness *

    This is the hand you draw / access your knife with. We will set up the hardware on your sheath according to this selection. Tsukamaki handles are also configured according to your handedness.

  • Primary Sheath Type *

  • Primary Sheath Mount Spacing *

    Discreet carry Concepts mount spacing is recommended if you are unsure, as this will be suitable for any mounts you get from us.

  • Mount Options *

    Extra Mounts can be purchased separately from our Accessories section, if stock is available.

  • Optional Extra Sheath *

    Optional Extra Sheaths are made using the same Mount Spacing as your Primary Sheath. Additional Mounts can be purchased from our Accessories section, stock allowing.

  • Add a Matching Trainer? *

    Adding a matching trainer at this stage allows us to match it as close as possible to your live blade. Trainer's are supplied with the same handle, sheath and mount as the live blade choices. Ordering with your live blade also makes it slightly cheaper.

  • I understand the terms & conditions of buying a custom made knife, and acknowledge that this product can take 4-8 weeks to be made. This lead time does NOT include the wait time in the queue, transit time, or delays that can result from outside service providers.

Free Gift

Running until 31 December or while stocks last, all Tier 2 Custom Orders will include a Free Gift! Select from the available options below.

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The Bishop is one of the larger knives we produce, straying from our traditional reverse grip flavour and adding an option for those who prefer a more traditional approach to fighters.

The Bishop is influenced by Persian style blades, with a very subtle upswept point. The blade is made from thick stock 80Crv2, which is ground to a fine zero convex edge, making it very sharp. While the Persian influence can be felt in the robust point. The blade is available in a variety of configurations ensuring some fine tuning for personal preference.

The handle offers a comfortable grip, especially for those with larger hands, without snag points or hot-spots. Importantly, it is comfortable to use in forward, reverse, and while not completely ideal, Pikal grip is also usable if pushed.

The 2023 Custom Bishop comes with an array of options allowing you to fine-tune your knife with some precision. The range of choices are largely aesthetic, but some like the Blade Configuration can tweak performance in one direction, and also allows for legal considerations in your jurisdiction, if you need it to be Single Edge, for example. There are a staggering number of possible configurations at your disposal allowing you to define whether your Custom Bishop is a simple, functional tool, or a functional yet finely finished heirloom quality piece that can be handed down to future generations.

For 2023 we have made provision to produce a very limited number of only 10 Bishops. We are a small custom shop with limitations of how many knives we can produce per year. We have put our focus on producing high quality individually tailored defensive knives and as such this means we can only make a limited number each year. The average Build Time for our knives is 4-8 weeks, depending on the configuration, but this does NOT include waiting time in the queue, or shipping transit time at completion. Before starting on this journey we encourage you to familiarise yourself with our Tier 2 Custom Build process, so that you are aware of everything that goes into making your Divine Companion

NOTE: This knife is open for early pre-release order. Meaning your order will only be started in January 2023. 

Specifications & Options

Steel: 80CRV2
Hardness: 61Hrc
Overall Length: 230mm / 9.05″
Blade Length: 110mm / 4.33″
Blade Thickness: 5.6mm / 0.22″
Edge Geometry: Convex

Blade Finish: Matte Black Cerakote | Satin Blued | High Polish Blued | Polish Patina
Handle Style: Synthetic Scales | Organic Scales | Wood Burl Scales | Tsukamaki
Handle Pattern: Tsuka | Tsunami | Kobayashi | Giger | Contoured
Sheath Material: Kydex
Sheath Styles: Full Sheath | Fold-Over Sheath | Full & Fold-Over Pocket Hook Sheath | Static Line Sheath
Mounting: DCC 5.1 HLR Gear Clip | Soft Loops
Design: Gen 3

2023 Quote: 10 Blades Allocated for 2023

Deposits & Part Payments

You can now place an order by paying a 50% Deposit. The balance payment can be paid in the following month, or settled in full anytime you wish during this period from your Account page. Orders will not ship until paid in full. 

Its important to know the terms and conditions associate with placing a custom order in this way. Please ensure you are familiar with these terms on our Shipping, Cancellations & Returns page.


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