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Now Now


The Now Nowis a simple Pikal style EDC Defensive Knife. Designed to be light, and easy to carry, but also easy on the budget…

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Everyone in South Africa knows what Now Now means, its a unique vernacular for a measure of time slotting in after “now” and before “just now”. It’s a fitting name for a defensive EDC knife that would need to be deployed at just the right time.

The Now Now is a new, and probably will be our last production Pikal design for a while. Designed to be a light weight and low-cost option for those in need of a well thought out and well executed defensive EDC knife. The Now Now features a single edge blade with a subtle swedge point, giving it that added penetration ability, while still being legal to carry in most parts of the world, with a blade just under 3″. If you’re not familiar with the Pikal knife and why we so recommend them for defensive use, definitely check out our explanation here.

The handle is relatively neutral and would be comfortable for most hands, but is ergonomically considered and offers solid retention even under duress. We offer the Now Now with two handle choices, either our Simple Tsukamaki which uses silk Ito cord over jute, or a textured G10 scale. Both handle treatments are quite lightweight and slim, ensuring the knife stays easy to carry.

Lastly, the knife is fitted with a compact hand-pressed Fold Over Kydex Sheath, and soft loop combo. Although you could add IWB clips to the sheath as well.


Material: Lohmann 4528
Hardness: 58
Overall Length: 185mm / 7.20″
Blade Length: 75mm / 2.95″
Blade Thickness: 4mm / 0.15″
Edge Geometry: Flat Ground

Blade Finish: Etched
Handle Style: Textured G10 or Simple Tsukamaki Wrap
Sheath: Kydex
Soft Loop

Design: Gen 1


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