Bo-Shuriken are signature series project designed and crafted by Gavin Coleman, a traditional Japanese throwing spike used to distract and misdirect, they are also loads of fun!

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Bo-Shuriken (棒手裏剣) are a traditional Japanese throwing spike used as a distraction or misdirection, or as a small hidden dagger. While we definitely don’t advocate these as practical EDC defensive tools, a set of Bo-Shuriken is quite a lot of fun!

Mastering the techniques of how to throw these spikes can be a challenge and very satisfying when achieved. Bo-Shuriken are traditionally made of iron or steel, and come in an array of sizes and shapes. These ones have been made by designer Gavin Coleman from 8mm / 0.31″ square precision ground K460 (O1 equivalent). The point has been shaped octagonally with 8 facets tapering to the robust point. These little spikes have some mass when thrown allowing them to penetrate and stick into wood.

The steel has been by cold bluing to protect them from oxidation, although you can expect some natural wear and patination development if you decide to make use of these and let them fly.

These ship in a set of 3 Bo-Shuriken and come with a kydex slip on tip sheath for each of them. This is also a Signature Series item and as such there is only one set available. There is no guarantee these will ever be made in future as this project was simply made by Gavin for the fun of it.


Steel: K460
Steel Finish: Chemical Blued
Hardness: 60Hrc
Overall Length: 170mm / 6.69″ (approx.)
Blade Length: N/A
Blade Thickness: 8mm / 0.31″
Edge Geometry: N/A
Edge Rating: N/A
Handle Material: Silk Ito
Handle Pattern: N/A
Sheath: Kydex
Mount: Static Line

Designer & Maker: Gavin Coleman


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