Additional Kydex Sheath

Additional Kydex Sheath


If you are buying a Tier 1 or Tier 2 knife from us and want an additional Kydex Sheath for it, this is the place to get it.

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All our Kydex sheaths are made to fit each individual knife. If you are thinking of getting any additional sheaths with your knife, its best to order them at the same time so we can fit them to your knife.

When you order an additional Standard Kydex sheath they are not supplied with any mounting option. Hole spacing is designed to fit Discreet Carry Concepts HLR mount clips which can be purchased separately, but also work with a variety of other standard mounting methods if you would like to add your own.

Standard Sheaths typically allow the mounting of larger or smaller Discreet Carry Concepts HLR clips, either side of the sheath on 4 mounting points. Soft Loops can also be used on Standard Sheaths, however larger loops are needed in order to be mounted higher up, nearer the throat of the sheath. Standard Loops will only fit lower down on Standard Sheaths.

Fold Over Sheaths can be fitted with Larger or Smaller Discreet Carry Concepts HLR Clips, but only have mounting points on one side of the sheath. However, the smaller foot print of this sheath allows Standard Soft Loops to be mounting across its entire length.

Pocket Hook Sheaths are useful for discreetly carrying and accessing your knife from a trouser pocket. These don’t require any mounting and work best on knives which have a full size handle. The “hook” anchors the sheath on the inside of the pocket upon drawing, ensuring the knife comes free and is presented, while the sheath stays in your pocket.

Important Note: Please note that Additional Sheaths are made as custom products to fit your individual knife and can only be ordered with a Tier 1 or Tier 2 knife. We do not make these ahead of time and they are not an off-the-shelf product. As such, ordering additional kydex sheaths may add 1-2 weeks to your waiting time before we can ship it.