The Sixth Element has been the catalyst for man's technological from the Bronze Age to now...


The ``Sixth Element`` is Carbon...

The Sixth Element was a conceptual idea to create a blade that celebrates the tiny element to which we owe so much technological development… Carbon.

Carbon is the substance without which we would never have been able to develop weapons surpassing those of the Bronze Age. This seemingly unremarkable substance has a profound effect when added to Iron in just the right amount. It creates a steel that can be hardened, and that was a technological leap of epic proportion.

The Sixth Element aims to celebrate Carbon, using carbon steel, deeply blackened, and an optional special edition Carbon infused handle scale. These scales are created using crushed coal (pure carbon) which is then infused into resin – the finer dust blackening the resin while the larger particles add structure and interesting definition once shaped.

The Sixth Element blade is a nod to traditional fighters. An asymmetric dagger design with a neutral grip, allowing both forward or reverse grips easily. It’s large size perhaps not best suited for concealed every day carry, the Sixth Element would however look very at home mounted on a vest for LE/Military application, or OWB on a belt.

The blade is sharpened on traditional Japanese Water Stones and the edge is polished to a high degree creating a very sharp blade.

As a Masterworks blade, the Sixth Element is finished to a very high degree and entirely hand made, from cutting the plate steel to creating the special Carbon Scales. Each piece is made individually, and while this is not limited in numbers, it remains a very special knife because of the work that goes into creating one.


Steel: Böhler K460
Edge: Flat Grind
Hardness: 58 – 59 Hrc
Finish: Triple Etched Satin Finish
Blade Thickness: 5mm / 0.20 in
Blade Length: 115mm / 4.50 in
Total Length: 225mm / 8.85 in
Total Weight: N/A
Year Produced: 2019
Total Number Made: 1

Please Note: Specifications are approximate. Each blade is made entirely hand from scratch and minor differences in specifications are to be expected. 

  • Asymmetric Dagger Profile
  • Slightly Curved Blade delivers for efficient cutting
  • Secure Ergonomic Grip with Minimal Protrusions
  • Handle Free of Snag Points for Both Access & Stripping Actions
  • Best suited to OWB or Vest mounted application.
  • Kydex Sheath offers secure retention and all day comfort.

All Prices Include Shipping. 

Prices are shown in both US$ for International Customers and SA Rands for locals.

Special Edition Carbon Scale- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – $400.00 / R4000.00

Carbon Fiber Weave Scale – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – $400.00 / R4000.00

Optional Steel Trainer Version – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – $120.00 / R1200.00


No Longer Available


Special Edition Carbon Scale

Entirely made from scratch, the Carbon Scale contains pure crushed carbon, infused with resin to create a hard, durable and surprisingly lightweight scale. Once polished it reveals an inner structure of carbon particles and grains.

The Carbon Scale is shaped and contoured keeping a clear longitudinal line, as pictured.

This scale and this pattern is only available for the Sixth Element and won’t be used on any other knives.


Standard Kydex Sheath
A High Quality Kydex Sheath, custom made for each individual knife, fitting it like a glove. Offering secure retention and a comfortable carrying option. The Sheath can be mounted using either of the supplied Soft Loops for OWB, or MOLLE Mount.

Steel Trainer (Optional)
A matching steel trainer is supplied for practice drills and sparring. The steel trainer has its own kydex sheath and mounting hardware.

Maintenance Kit
A small maintenance kit including my own brew of Choji Oil and cleaning cloth.

Presentation Box
The knife is shipped in a blackened wood box. The knife is wrapped in a Masterworks Furoshiki style cloth.

Each knife is accompanied by its corresponding Certificate of Authenticty and Warranty card.