The Requiem is a token of remembrance for those who have been lost...


/ˈrɛkwɪəm,ˈrɛkwɪɛm/ - An act of remembrance, a mass for the repose of the souls of the dead.

The Requiem was a design over a year in the making. Inspired by loss, it was perhaps poetic to make it a limited special edition knife that would never be made again.

The culmination of my obsession over Pikal style knives, the Requiem is quite possibly the amalgamation of all the good parts of my Pikal blades. Despite its unorthodox appearance, it is ergonomically thought out and very comfortable in the hand. The point indexes perfectly, and the elongated, gentle inward curve almost urges you to work the knife in a rolling motion.

As it is the culmination of my Pikal obsession, so too is the Requiem a model for my love of Japanese influences. It literally sets the benchmark for my work going forward when it comes to Tsukamaki handles. The bulging end wrap has been done away with in favour of a sleeker, more true to influence “Kashira” style end piece through which the silk wrap terminates in a traditional style end knot. This “Kashira” style piece is made from polished Carbon Fiber and accents the handle beautifully. The Silk Ito and Samegawa colour options have been left up to the owner.

The Requiem will ship as a complete set. Including a Kydex Sheath with both Steel Clip and Soft Loop mounting options, a Steel Trainer with its own sheath, Choji Oil and small maintenance kit. All of which will be housed in a lined hardwood box.


Steel: Böhler K460
Edge: Flat Grind
Hardness: 60-61 Hrc
Finish: Acid Patina
Blade Thickness: 5mm / 0.20 in
Blade Length: 80mm / 3.15 in
Total Length: 185mm / 7.28 in
Total Weight: N/A
Year Produced: 2019
Total Number Made: 11 (10 Sold, 1 Study, unsold)

Please Note: Specifications are approximate. Each blade is made entirely hand from scratch and minor differences in specifications are to be expected. 

  • Slightly Offset Tip Index
  • Slender Blade Profile
  • Slightly Curved Blade delivers for efficient cutting in Pikal Grip.
  • Double Edge adds some versatility in Forward Grip
  • Secure Ergonomic Grip with Minimal Protrusions
  • Handle Free of Snag Points for Both Access & Stripping Actions
  • Easily Concealable for most Average to Large Frame People
  • Kydex Sheath offers secure retention and all day comfort.

All Prices Include Shipping. 

Prices are shown in both US$ for International Customers and SA Rands for locals.

Silk Tsukamaki w/ Carbon Fiber Kashira – Complete Set – – – – $800.00 / R8000.00


No Longer Available.


Traditional Silk Tsukamaki Wrap

A complete traditional Japanese Tsukamaki style wrap uses Japanese Silk Ito cord which is wrapped over a layer of coloured Samegawa, traditional sting ray leather used on Japanese swords. The Tsukamaki wrap is executed in a traditional Hineri-Maki pattern before terminating at the end of the handle, through a Polished Carbon Fiber “Kashira” piece, in a traditional knot.

The Silk Ito is sealed with clear resin to weather proof and cement it in place and provides a long lasting grip.

Silk Ito Colour Options: Black, Brown, Navy, Burgundy, Gold.

Samegawa Colour Options: Natural White, Antiqued White, Black or Crimson/Black.


Standard Kydex Sheath
A High Quality Kydex Sheath, custom made for each individual knife, fitting it like a glove. Offering secure retention and a comfortable carrying option. The Sheath can be mounted using either of the supplier Mod 5 Steel Clip for IWB, or the Soft Loops for OWB.

Steel Trainer
A matching steel trainer is supplied for practice drills and sparring. The steel trainer has its own kydex sheath and mounting hardware.

Maintenance Kit
A small maintenance kit including my own brew of Choji Oil, a cleaning brush to clear debris from the Tsukamaki, and cleaning cloth.

Presentation Box
The entire set is housed in a hardwood presentation box. The knife is wrapped in a Masterworks Furoshiki style cloth.

Each knife is accompanied by its corresponding Certificate of Authenticty and Warranty card.