Simple and elegant, more than enough to become a thorn in their side


Ibara, Japanese (茨) meaning ``Thorn``

The Ibara was originally commissioned by Craig Douglas (SouthNarc) as a personal project of his, to be a special knife with both form and function.

With a few specific parameters from Craig, the Ibara was designed as a double edge asymmetric dagger which could be used comfortably in any orientation. His brief also specified that it be on the smaller side making it comfortable for concealed carry IWB. The result was a very elegant blade profile with a very gentle S-curve.

The Ibara project has resulted in a small, easy to carry defensive knife which is adept at being held in both reverse or forward grips. Elegant, sophisticated, and efficient.

The Ibara’s blade is hand cut and shaped from one of the finest steels available, Hitachi’s Blue Paper variant of their Yasugi steel range. This steel is a high carbon powder metallurgy process steel which results in an extremely fine carbide structure once hardened. It also contains some of the highest carbon levels in a factory made steel making it very hard once heat treated, thus allowing the fine, razor sharp edges Japanese knives are known for. This is a relatively exotic steel still, and its availability outside of Japan is still rare. This means the Ibara itself is something special as its one of the least produced knives of the range.

The handle, in keeping with the traditional theme, has been given a full Tsukamaki. Fittings made from either Carbon Fiber, Bone or Buffalo Horn are fitted to a Copper or Brass Liner. Traditional Samegawa (ray skin) is then applied. The Samegawa is lacquered in a few colour options specified by the customer. Then, high quality Silk Ito is wrapped over the handle in a traditional Hineri-maki style, and sealed with clear resin to harden and weather proof the silk while still retaining its texture.

The Ibara is shipped with a Kydex sheath, which is a bespoke item in itself, made by hand and pressed to your specific knife to ensure the best fit and retention. The sheath’s profile is exact and its edges softened to ensure the best possible comfort in typical EDC carry positions. For more unconventional carrying options, a Kydex Pocket Sheath or Static Line Sheath can also be made.

Finally, your Ibara’s edge will be honed by hand on Japanese Water Stones to a perfect mirror edge ensuring that it cuts like a razor blade.


Steel Options: Aogami Steel #2
Configuration Options: Double Edge
Blade Finish Options: High Polish Dark Etch / High Polish Patina Etch

Edge Geometry: Hybrid Geometry
Hardness: 62 Hrc
Blade Thickness: 4.5mm / 0.177 in
Primary Blade Length: 65mm / 1.95 in
Total Length: 175mm / 6.5 in
Total Weight: N/A
Years Produced: 2019 – Present

Please Note: Specifications are approximate. Each blade is finished entirely by hand and minor differences in specifications are to be expected. 

  • Neutral Tip Index in either orientation.
  • Hybrid Edge Geometry creates razor sharp Pikal edge while reinforcing the point.
  • Japanese Yasugi steel offers a razor sharp edge.
  • Small, light and very concealable, even in a pocket.
  • Neutral Grip allows easy switching between Reverse or Forward Grips
  • Handle Free of Snag Points for Both Access & Stripping Actions
  • Easily Concealable for most Small to Large Frame People
  • Kydex Sheath offers secure retention and all day comfort.

All Prices Include Shipping. 

Prices range from $650.00 – $1500.00 depending on steel, final configuration and finishing, handle specifications and other extras which may be included. 

Each piece is priced individually. Please get in touch for a more accurate price estimate and/or to be added onto the Waiting List.

Package Includes:

The Custom Ibara, Kydex Sheath, presented in Tengui Wrap with Certificate of Authenticity, Care Instructions.


Limited to 10 Pieces per Year.

These are made in a batch once per year and sold. You can request to be notified on progress and when sales open.

Any available units will be posted for sale on Instagram / Facebook.


2020: 4



The Ibara is only made with the Traditional Tsukamaki handle, as it was originally intended.

Traditional Tsukamaki

A complete traditional Japanese Tsukamaki style wrap uses Japanese Silk Ito or leather Ito cord which is wrapped over a layer of colour lacquered Samegawa, traditional sting ray leather used on Japanese swords. The Tsukamaki wrap is executed in a traditional Hineri-Maki pattern before terminating at the end of the handle in traditional termination knots through the Kashira.

The Silk Ito is sealed with clear resin to weather proof and cement it in place and provides a long lasting grip. Leather Ito is sometimes also used, although less common, and is left in its natural state un-coated.

Liner: Copper, Brass, Shibuichi or Shakudo.

Ito: Silk Ito (Black, Brown, Burgundy, Navy, White, Gold or Green) or Leather Ito (Black or Brown)

Samegawa: Natural White, Antiqued, Black or Crimson.

Fittings: Carbon Fiber, Black Buffalo Horn, Red/Brown Buffalo Horn, Bone, Brass, Titanium, Shibuichi, or Shakudo

Fittings Finishing: Brushed or Polished. Metal fittings are textured or polished, left natural or patinated. Titanium fittings are textured or polished, and heat anodised.

Accent Pins: Mosaic Pins can be used on fittings.


The Ibara is completed with one or more of the following Sheath & Mount Options.

Sheath: Full Sheath, Fold Over Sheath, Pocket Hook Sheath, Static Line Sheath

Mounts: Discreet Carry Concepts HLR Clip, Soft Loop Mount (Fold Over Only) or Micro Cord (Static Line).