The Harbinger signals the arrival of violence, a forewarning to those who stand before it.


/ˈhɑːbɪn(d)ʒə/ - a person or a thing that signals the arrival of something else, a forewarning.

The Harbinger is made from Elmax with an elegant asymmetric dagger profile which immediately feels classic. Adept at both reverse grip and forward grip techniques, the Harbinger is quite versatile as a fighter. The edge geometry is unique. A hybrid geometry which strengthens the point by adding more mass to the spine of the blade than a traditional flat or V grind bevel would.

The hybrid geometry gives the Harbinger a flat grind on the reverse edge, with a convex grind on the forward, or conventional edge. This means the Harbinger is pulled against its sharpest edge in reverse grip techniques, and has a more robust convex edge for forward grip slashes.

The handle is finished in a full Silk Tsukamaki, becoming somewhat of a hallmark for Ironside Edge Works, this Silk Tsukamaki features a polished brass or copper liner which gives a little glamour to the darker shades. With an option of Carbon Fiber or Bone fittings on the handle, through which the Silk Ito terminates in a traditional Japanese style end knot. Far more elegant than previous wrap terminations.

Alternatively the Harbinger can also be fitted with a high end exotic wood handle, and would look particularly exquisite in Burl woods.

As usual the Harbinger comes included with a secure Kydex sheath which is perfect for concealed carry, inside or outside the waistband.


Steel: Elmax
Edge: Hybrid – Flat on Reverse Edge & Convex on Forward Edge
Hardness: 60 Hrc
Finish: Etched
Blade Thickness: 5mm / 0.20 in
Blade Length: 95mm / 3.75 in
Total Length: 205mm / 8.00 in
Total Weight: N/A
Years Produced: 2019 – Present

Please Note: Specifications are approximate. Each blade is made entirely hand from scratch and minor differences in specifications are to be expected. 

  • Asymmetric Dagger Profile
  • Slightly Curved Blade delivers for efficient cutting
  • Secure Ergonomic Grip with Minimal Protrusions
  • Handle Free of Snag Points for Both Access & Stripping Actions
  • Hybride Geometry strengthens the point while still creating a sharp cutting edge.
  • Kydex Sheath offers secure retention and all day comfort.

All Prices Include Shipping. 

Prices are shown in both US$ for International Customers and SA Rands for locals.

Full Silk Tsukamaki – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – $460.00 / R4500.00

Exotic Wood Handle – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – From $400.00 / R4000.00

Optional Steel Trainer Version – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – $130.00 / R1300.00


The Harbinger is made to order and needs to be reserved as a Custom Order.

Lead Time: 6-8 weeks


Full Silk Tsukamaki

The handle is created with Japanese Silk Ito wrapped over lacquered Samegawa on a polished Copper or Brass liner. The handle scale is then capped with either Carbon Fiber or Bone fittings through which the Silk Tsukamaki will terminate.

The customer has some options in terms of the liner material and the material for handle fittings, as well as the colour combination for the Silk Ito and Samegawa.

Liner Options: Copper or Brass
Fittings: Carbon Fiber or Bone
Silk Ito: Black, Brown, Burgundy, Gold or Navy
Samegawa: Natural White, Antique White, Black or Crimson/Black

Exotic Wood Burl Scales

These Exotic Burl scales offer exquisitely beautiful grains and wood patterns when finished to a high degree, and will produce a Masterworks level handle for your knife. Typically these woods are ordered specially from suppliers, or may be available only for a limited time. Species include Oak Burl, Walnut Burl, Amboyna Burl and more. Special requests can be also be catered for

Exotic Wood Burl Scales are shaped and contoured ergonomically and given a simple grooved pattern, or polished smooth. Classic Checkering is also available as an option on certain woods.


Standard Kydex Sheath
A High Quality Kydex Sheath, custom made for each individual knife, fitting it like a glove. Offering secure retention and a comfortable carrying option. The Sheath can be mounted using either of the supplied Soft Loops for OWB, or MOLLE Mount.

Steel Trainer (Optional)
A matching steel trainer is supplied for practice drills and sparring. The steel trainer has its own kydex sheath and mounting hardware.

Each knife is accompanied by its corresponding Certificate of Authenticty and Warranty card.