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Ironside Edge Works has become known for Pikal style defensive knives. A unique and unorthodox style of blade that lends itself extremely well to defensive use. The Pikal blade style traces its origins to the Philippines, and in the Visayan dialect the word literally translates as “To rip”. 

The reverse edge probably originated as an agricultural knife used much like a scythe, but in the edged weapon duelling culture of its roots, it also proved adept at close combatives. In the early 2000’s the style was popularised in mainstream applications by notable Instructors such as Craig Douglas (SouthNarc) and Terry Trahan. 

One of the reasons we have stuck with this style is its ease of use. It is a weapon style that can quickly become effective with basic instruction and turn a victim into a formidable opponent. 


Traditional Japanese sword handle wraps are nothing new to the world of knife making. But since 2018 we have been working to perfect this particular style of handle to create what we feel is the most authentic Tsukamaki we can muster. 

Over the years we have incrementally added features to push it closer to the traditional Japanese handle wrap. Our Tsukamaki makes use of authentic materials like Silk or Leather Ito cord, genuine rawhide Samegawa (ray skin) and Washi Paper to achieve a correct form and authentic feeling handle. 

One of our pioneering features has been the development of the handle design to allow the inclusion of end knots. We feel this addition completes the look of the handle perfectly, and has created a Tsukamaki Handle that affords its user both functional and comfortable ergonomics, with beautiful craft. 

Ironside Edge Works Tsukamaki

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