All the knives we make, with few exceptions, are Made-To-Order. Regardless of how much customisations is involved each knife is treated like a bespoke build and tailored to suit your needs. Below you will find a run down of the Custom Knife process from what is possible through to placing your order with us. 

We offer a standard line of models to choose from. These are a selection of blades that have proved to be the most popular and sought after over the years, and generally cover a broad range of needs. 

Our Standard Models include:

All of these Knives are available to be customised within our scope of abilities.

This can range from completely utilitarian versions with Cerakote blade finishing on regular 80Crv2 steel, and G10 handle scales. All the way to beautifully appointed versions in exotic steels, with polished blades and the most extravagant Tsukamaki handles we can provide. Everything in between is also an option. 

Regardless of how extravagant your knife is, all the knives we make are produced by hand. Each balde is free-hand ground and finished, with handle components generally being hand made and finished.

Shinobi Knives

The process begins on our Custom Knives page. 

Here you can select which model you’re interested in and the Handle Style you want, either Scale Handles or Tsukamaki Handles. 

Within each listing the customising gets more detailed. You will be able to select the blade steel and finish, and in some cases the edge configuration too. Some models offer more options in terms of steels / finishes, we prefer to offer what we know works as standard. 

Handles are further broken down into two categories: Practical Handles and Elite Handles. 

Practical Handles offer you the most utility driven materials and finishes. These are a great choice for those who are looking for an EDC knife they don’t want to worry too much about. Materials are generally synthetic and while still very much made by hand are only taken to satin finishes. These are much more forgiving to the rigours of daily use. 

Elite Handles offer a far greater variety of materials and finishes. Here you can let your imagination run wild. Elite Handle choices elevate your knife from simple utitly to functional art. 

You will be able to complete your custom choices through the Sheath and Mount options, and a few optional extras. 

Once all your choices are made through the selection menu’s you will be able to see the total cost of your Custom Knife Order. This price includes Shipping to the USA and EU. Area’s outside of this may incur an additional shipping charge. 

On submitting your Custom Knife Order you will be required to pay a Non-Refundable $50.00 Deposit. 

Once your Deposit is Paid you will be invited to schedule a Video Call Meeting with the Maker who will be working on your Knife. During this Meeting Phase of the order, you will be able to ask any questions you may have, as well as discuss the finer details of your order with the Maker. Details like handle scale textures, material colours / grains and in the case of Tsukamaki, the colour options for Ito cord. 

The Video Call Meeting is not strictly necessary if you prefer to forgo this, or if you are 100% certain about your order and know what you want. 

Next you will be furnished with a final Custom Knife Order Estimate less your deposit. This final amount is payable within 2 weeks of placing the order and is required before we will begin work on your Custom Knife. 

Once work begins on your Custom Knife you will be given a private Direct Message channel via WhatsApp or Signal to ythe maker working on your order.

This is the most convenient way to facilitate communication and updates about how your knife is progressing. Delays do happen from time to time for a variety of reasons. We will keep you updated every step of the way with as much detail as you need, right up to the point your Knife is packed and shipped. 

We only take on a limited number of Custom Knife Orders at any one time. We prefer to ensure that we have the time to work on orders individually. Should we feel that we are currently over-booked we may put your Order in a waiting queue. If this happens you will not be required to complete your payment until we are ready to begin the work.

While the Custom Knife Order process is currently limited to standard models, we are open to Bespoke Custom Designs from the ground up. 

In these cases it is best to contact us directly to discuss your idea before we can commit to making it. We prefer not to take on projects that are outside of our scope of expertise, and this will give us a chance to talk about what your project may entail. 

See below for answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Build time can vary dramatically. From 4-5 weeks all the way to 3 months. It depends largely on the complexity of the build and whether exotic materials need to be sourced. This is largely why we offer a specific range of materials. These are materials we know we can get from reliable sources. Anything outside of that may add tot he build time. 

Typically Knives with common handle materials and simpler finishes take 4-5 weeks. Delays can occur however we will always keep you updated. 

If our Order Book is particularly full at the time you place your order we will place you in our Waiting Queue. This means yours will be given priority when the next available space opens up. 

In this instance, you will only need to pay the $50.00 Deposit, with the remainder paid only once we begin working on your order. You will be given 2 weeks notice before payment is required. 

While we prefer to work on our standard model range, and plan to introduce more models into this offering in future, we know there are many models from our past which remain popular now. 

If you are looking for something we have previously made we are open to working on this for you. It’s best to get in touch with us about your exact idea and what you might want. We will then be able to more accurately decide if it’s something we can or cannot do. 


We are open to just about any possibilities. We list “standard” materials and steels because these are what we typically work with, usually keep stock of and know we can get easily. That doesn’t mean it’s all we are willing to work with. 

If you have an idea that requires a specific steel or material option please get in touch. We will let you know if it is possible or not and proceed from there. 

All our Custom Knives start at $330.00 which includes the shipping cost.

You can make use of the Custom Options menu’s in the Custom Knives listings to create a knife, the total for all the custom options you select will be tallied up at the end giving you a total cost. 

Our Custom Knives can range all the way into the thousands if exotic materials and finishes are selected. 

Payments are handled via an Email Payment Link. Our website is not fully integrated as a typical webstore as companies like PayPal or Stripe do not support the sale of Knives. 

We accept Card Payments through an Email Payment Link via Yoco (a South African Card Payment Processor), and have alternative options available as well.

We can also accept ACH / Wire / EBT Transfers, and can facilitate BitCoin / Crypto payments as well. 

We have been doing this since 2017. In the years of experience we have we unfortunately have fallen foul of people who default on their payment obligations. This has hurt our business tremendously in the past and we now mitigate this from happening. 

When working with very high end or exotic materials that have to be imported from far flung corners of the world, quite often a 50% deposit simply isn’t enough to cover that risk.

It is for these reasons we only work on orders that are paid in full. 

Over the years we have shipped knives to many far off places. From the USA and Europe to Finland and Japan. 

We work with a specialised shipping partner who are experts in transporting expensive Art Work all over the world. They will arrange fast door to door delivery of your finished Custom Knife.

Shipping time varies on which part of the world you are in, but you should have your knife within 5-7 working days from the moment it is complete. 

If you are ready to put together your own Custom Knife Order, Hit the Button to get started!