Our team at Ironside Edge Works is small and we like it that way. Here’s a look at the people who are making your knives.


Lead Knifemaker / Designer & Founder

Gavin is the founder of Ironside Edge Works and has been making knives professionally since 2017. After spending several years both studying and teaching Combatives and self defence, Gavin was involved in the development of the Maul system, and later co-authored The Maul: Preparing for the Chaos of Close Combatives with friend and mentor Schalk Holloway.

It was during this time that Gavin felt the need to develop his own defensive EDC knife. After several design iterations the Shrike was born, and the rest as they, is history.

Gavin is still a practitioner of Combatives, and the Maul, and occasionally teaches others. He is currently working to become a member of the Cape Knifemakers Guild.


Junior Knifemaker

Elijah began his knifemaking journey in 2019 when he began working part-time at Ironside Edge Works making Kydex Sheaths shortly after leaving high school. His good nature and keen work ethic impressed and in 2020 he was offered an Apprenticeship under Gavin’s guidance. Although 2020 was a rocky start due to Covid-19, Elijah quickly found his feet in making knives. In 2021 he assumed the role of Junior Knifemaker and has since begun imparting his own creative ideas into designs and is capable of producing his own work.

Elijah is a life-long practitioner of JKA Karate and holds a 3rd Dan in the discipline. He has also represented South Africa at international competition, and hopes to oneday compete at the World Championships in Japan. He also regularly practices Combatives and the Maul system with Gavin.

He currently aspires to become a member of the Cape Knifemakers Guild.


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