Legacy Services

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Legacy Services

Our Legacy Services are have been introduced to help keep your Tier 2 Custom Knife looking good for the years to come. For many of our customers their custom knife is a special acquisition which will be passed down to their children.

We want your custom knife to last generations and that may require periodic maintenance. Below are a list of services we can offer to help keep your knife looking and working well.

Please contact us should any of the services below interest you.

Sharpening Service

Sharpening for any Ironside Edge Works knife is free, for life!

You can send knives back o us for sharpening any time. You can also send us other knives for sharpening for a small fee.

Ironside Edge Works Knives: Free!

Other Knives: $5 per knife

Shipping to/from workshop not included

Tune Up Service

Over time even a well cared for knife can see signs of wear. This Tune-Up service will rectify many small issues with things like the blade finish and handle.

During this service we will clean and inspect your knife thoroughly. We will rectify any rust spots or blemishes on the blade surface, as well as touch up the handle, re-polishing the handle material if needed to remove any marring.

If the handle scales can be removed, in the case of bolt-on scales, we can completely refinish the entire blade.

Price: $30 – $80 depending on extent of work needed.

Price excludes shipping to / from workshop.


A new Kydex sheath can be custom fitted to your knife. We can do this for Ironside Edge Works knives, or other knives.

Sheaths need to be custom fitted to the individual knife, so we will need your knife to be able to make the sheath. We can make your sheath in multiple styles.

Lead time is approximately 1 week.

Price: $40 per sheath

Excludes shipping to / from Workshop


Authentications & Appraisals

The secondary market for any collectable knives can be a tricky one to navigate at times. We know in particular early models and versions of Ironside Edge Works knives can be difficult to authenticate and value.

We offer a free service to anyone who wishes to verify authenticity of our knives before buying on the secondary market. We can verify the authenticity of knives from photos and also have an archive of all our serial numbers over the years to aid verification.

We also offer an appraisal service to help value any secondary market knives. Of course, secondary market value will fluctuate and is ultimately as valuable as the market is willing to pay. However, we can provide an original value for comparison purposes.

Tsukamaki Re-Wrapping

If your tsukamaki handle was originally wrapped in leather, or un-coated silk ito, it may need to be re-wrapped periodically. With time, wear and tear the cord will degrade. This also presents an opportunity to change wrapping materials or use different colours if you want to. 

During this service we will remove the old ito, clean up the handle in general and also re-finish the fittings to make them look like new again. We will then re-wrap the handle with your choice of ito. 

For older, resin coated Tsukamaki, it may be possible to re-wrap. However this needs to be assessed first in order to determine viability.

Price: $80 to $120 depending on assessment

Excluding shipping to / from our workshop