Legacy Services Launched

Legacy Services Launched
October 1, 2022 IronsideAdmin
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Legacy Services

Many of our Tier 2 Custom knives are ordered as what we call “Legacy Knives”. These are knives which end up as heirlooms which our customers intend to pass down to their children one day. It’s incredibly important to us that we get these knives right and give them the attention to detail they deserve. 

When a Tier 2 Custom Knife is ordered from us, the first thing we do is assign the build to a Knifemaker, either Gavin or Elijah will oversee the project entirely from start to finish. You will be contacted by the knifemaker in charge of your knife build, confirming the details and giving you an estimated time for completion. They will also send you regular updates on the build and inform you of any delays if any should arise. We have worked hard to try create an experience befitting a tailor made knife. We want you to feel part of the process every step of the way.

The time it takes to build a custom knife depends largely on the specifications. We try to ensure that our knifemakers can focus on only 1 or 2 knife builds at a time. This is so that we can give every knife the attention to detail that it truly deserves. This does mean that sometimes there can be a sizeable waiting time, but we try to keep the build time between 4-8 weeks. 

We know that nothing lasts forever, but Legacy Knives are intended to be passed down through the generations which means they will need periodic maintenance. We have launched our Legacy Services to meet this need.

From re-sharpening, cleaning, touch ups, evaluations and authentication, all the way to re-wrapping Tsukamaki handles. Our Legacy Services provide everything you need to keep your Tier 2 Custom Knife good for the years ahead.