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Who we are and what we do

Ironside Edge Works

Owning an Ironside Edge Works Knife

Due to a dispute with PayPal, we have been forced to shut down our e-commerce website. While this fundamentally changes how we do business, we have relished the opportunity to go back to doing things the old fashioned way.

Ordering a knife from us requires direct communication. The best way to do this is either via our general contact email,, or via Direct Message on our Instagram. One of us will respond to your query ASAP.

You can use our online catalogue to get a feel for what we do.

We offer a limited range of entry level, utilitarian knives in our Tier 1 Series. These knives are hand made, and hand finished, but offer no customisation options. The blades are coated with a durable and user friendly Cerakote finish, with basic synthetic handle scales. Tier 1 Knives are aimed at users who want a well made, well designed tool that can be carried daily. Tier 1 Knives are batch made and go on sale monthly. Keep an eye on our Social Media channels at Instagram or Facebook for updates about what will be available and when new knives drop for sale! First come first served.

For the true Ironside Edge Works experience however, we have the ability to order a full custom knife!

The Custom Knife Process

Custom Knives are where some of our best work is done. The custom knife making process is something we have refined over the years, offering you the opportunity to create the knife of your dreams. We handle the technical and performance aspects, while you give us guidance on the aesthetic elements that appeal to you.

Ironside Edge Works is run by just two knifemakers, and every single Custom knife is made from scratch by Gavin Coleman or Elijah Wessels as the primary Knifemaker. Almost every process is done by hand in our workshop. We feel that this ensures a unique, hand crafted knife, rich with detail and a quality that shines through even from the unseen elements. The result is a knife which is worthy not only of the time but also the expense.

While almost anything is possible, including the use of specialty steels or exotic handle materials, our discretion is paramount. We will never take on a custom build if we are not 100% sure we can both acquire the materials or complete the build to a very high standard.

You can request a quote for a custom knife at any time. We’ll give you a firm price that is valid for at least 90 days.

We do however only accept a very limited number of custom knife orders at any given time. There are just 2 of us in our workshop and we prefer to complete what we are working on before accepting new work. When custom knife slots are available we will post about it on our Social Media channels. If you have ea valid quote you can submit it for order at this point. New custom orders are taken on a first come first served basis.

Keeping You in the Loop

We have worked hard to create a process which keeps you, our patron, as much in the loop as we can. You will receive regular email updates on the progress of your custom build.

Because we are just a small workshop and very detail oriented, we commit to only working on a few knives at any given time to ensure we can give them the focus they deserve. This direct communications link keeps you informed of progress but also any potential delays that may happen as a result of supply issues or outside service provider delays.

It also allows you the opportunity to ask questions directly with your knife maker, and should you want to make any last minute changes they will be the best person to advise on whether its possible.

At the end of the build we will photograph your knife and show you the finished piece before we package it and prepare it for shipping.

Payment Options

We understand that the expense of owning a custom knife can be difficult to overcome. We try to be as accommodating as we can by offering 50% Deposits at our discretion. Very high end builds which have very exotic or expensive materials can only be ordered with a full payment. Simpler custom builds with more common materials may be eligible for deposits.

Payment providers like PayPal are not accepted. Unfortunately PayPal has declared war on the knife making and firearm industry and have seized the accounts of many businesses in our community, including our own.

We therefore only accept payment by Wire Transfer / Direct Bank Payment into our US Bank Account, or via Crypto transfer in either USDcoin or BitCoin.

Free Shipping on All Knife Orders!

We ship knives all over the world and have been doing so since 2017. While we do occasionally come up against some hurdles, being located in South Africa, we have always strived to deliver and have an excellent track record.

We are required to ship via a 3rd party shipping service that has shipped knives out of South Africa for many knifemakers for many years. It does take a little longer but is much more reliable for our customers and provides peace of mind to us knowing the knife will make it safely.

We send out packages every week. Ultimately your knife will be delivered by DHL and you will be sent an international DHL Tracking link once we receive it from our shipping service providers. Once your package leaves our workshop, average delivery time is 7-10 working days.