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How to Order

Ordering a knife from Ironside Edge Works couldn’t be easier! Any available stock of our Tier 1 Knives will be available on our web store right here. We also post any available Custom knives in our Off The Shelf section. These are knives that we have either made extra, or cancelled custom orders. You will also be able to order Special Edition Knives and our one of a kind Masterworks Knives off the webstore.

To buy from our store you will need to first register your account.

Having an account with us not only allows you to buy knives and other merchandise from our store, but you can also opt to be notified when new stock becomes available for sold out products. So if we don’t have what you’re looking for right now, we will be able to let you know when we do!

Ordering Custom Knives

Custom Knives are available in two categories.

What we refer to as “Semi-Custom” knives offer you the opportunity to select from a variety of aesthetic options and carry preferences to build your dream knife.

This includes choosing the blade finish, the type of handle, material and colour choices, accent materials, sheath type and mounting type.

We make these Semi-Custom knives available only when we have blades in-stock and ready to be finished off to your specification. Typically we allow for 15-20 of these knives per month in total, and have a 4-8 week build time. You can start building your dream knife in the Custom Knife section.

The other option is what we refer to as Bespoke Custom knives. These knives are built entirely from scratch to your specification. This can include any models we make (with some exceptions), modifications to those models, or something completely different that we’ve never made before.

Bespoke Custom Knives can be outfitted as simply as you like, or with the most exotic high end materials you may want. Everything will be sourced and confirmed before everything is finalised to ensure minimal build time.  Bespoke knife builds can take anywhere from 4 weeks for simple builds, to over 12 months for complex or exotic ones. We also only ever accept a maximum of 5 of these bespoke builds at any given time. The 5 slots will open and close as we take on and finish these knives.


Free Shipping on All Knife Orders!

We ship knives all over the world and have been doing so since 2017. While we do occasionally come up against some hurdles, being located in South Africa, we have always strived to deliver and have an excellent track record.

Recently we have acquired our own export license which means we can deal directly with large Courier services like FedEx, who currently handles all our delivery needs.

We ship orders 1-2 times every week, and average delivery time is 5 working days to major centers. Rural or isolated areas can of course take a bit longer.

We notify our customers as soon as your package has been collected and supply you with a copy of the Waybill / Tracking details.

All packages are insured and on the rare occasions where packages have gone missing we have replaced those items for our customers.