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How to Order

Ordering a knife from us is simple. We offer a small range of semi production knives in our Tier 1 Knives section. Though handmade, these knives offer no customisation and are sold as is.

For the true Ironside Edge Works Custom experience, you can order from our Tier 2 Custom Knife models. These knives are made to order only. While very occasionally we may have a finished custom knife available for sale, this usually only happens from cancellations. We are a small two-man knife shop and only make an average pf 350 knives per year. The best way to secure one for yourself is to order it!


To buy from our store you will need to first register your account.

Having an account with us not only allows you to buy knives and other merchandise from our store, but you can also opt to be notified when new stock becomes available for sold out products. So if we don’t have what you’re looking for right now, we will be able to let you know when we do!

Ordering Custom Knives

Tier 2 Custom Knives are where some of our best work is done. The custom knife making process is something we have refined over the years, giving you the opportunity to select from a multitude of blade styles, configurations, finishes, and handle materials to detail almost every aspect of your knife.

We keep you informed during the entire build process and provide you with photographs before your knife is packed for shipping. Build time can vary greatly depending on the specifications of your knife, but averages between 4-8 weeks. Unforeseen delays can of course happen, however we will endeavour to always keep you in the loop.

Ironside Edge Works is run by just two knifemakers, and every single Tier 2 Custom knife we make is handled either by Gavin Coleman or Elijah Wessels as the primary Knifemaker. You will be updated by the knifemaker overseeing your build, and at the end of the process the knife is inspected, checked and signed off by this knifemaker.

We average only 350 custom knives per year, making our work rare and sought after by collectors. We feel however that a custom made defensive knife which speaks to you personally, is rather priceless.


Free Shipping on All Knife Orders!

We ship knives all over the world and have been doing so since 2017. While we do occasionally come up against some hurdles, being located in South Africa, we have always strived to deliver and have an excellent track record.

We are required to ship via a 3rd party shipping service that has shipped knives out of South Africa for many knifemakers for many years. It does take a little longer but is much more reliable for both our customers and provides peace of mind to us knowing the knife will make it safely.

We send out packages every week. Ultimately your knife will be delivered by DHL and you will be sent an international DHL Tracking link once we receive it from our shipping service providers. Once your package leaves our workshop, average delivery time is 7-10 working days.