First Look at Yokai – Multi-Grip Defensive Blade

November 2, 2018 in Knife News

After more than a year of creating defensive knives, there have been increased requests for something a little smaller. Most people are naturally concerned with concealment, and for those with smaller frames, even something like the Shrike can pose a problem. While some more compact models have been released already in the form of the Sever and Diavel, I wanted to create a compact blade that could be a bit more versatile in how it works. Enter Yokai…

The Yokai is named after the ghoulish, supernatural monsters, spirits and demons of Japanese Folklore. The design was intended to be bewitching in its beauty and devastating in its ability. The Yokai features a distinct, but short, hooked blade which is offset from the ergonomic handle to ensure it indexes well in both forward/saber and reverse grips. Though not entirely designed for it, the handle is also suitable for a pikal grip, in that its still comfortable and functional held reverse grip-edge in.

Like 90% of Ironside Edge Works blades, the Yokai will be made in carbon steel with a deep black etch, the thinner 4mm stock lending itself to a sharper, more razor-like edge.

The Yokai will be made with a variety of handle options, the standard Black G10 in a choice of Anso, Tsuka, Tsunami or Nanoko patterns, as well as Ito Wraps or full Tsuka-Maki. Bone or Carbon Fiber scales are an option as well for more upscale versions.

The Yokai will be available to order in 2019 after testing of prototypes has been completed and the final design is ready. That said, at the end of November 2018 I will be randomly selecting a name from the pool of customers this year who will receive one of the Yokai Prototypes, in a little giveaway draw aimed at saying thank you to those who have supported me over the last year.

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