Ex Machina Knives

Since 2017 the goal of Ironside Edge Works has been to produce uncompromising EDC knives purpose made for the Defensive/Combative role. Every aspect of this specific niche has been considered, from Edge Geometry to Ergonomics and Concealability. And since then these knives have found use across the world by practitioners of all kinds of Combative Edge Weapon systems.

While the Ironside Edge Works brand has grown the intention has stayed the same and the Ex Machina line of knives upholds this principal while maintaining the best value. While these knives are considered “Production Knives” it does not mean there has been any compromise to the quality of the tools produced. While some processes have been streamlined to make production faster, about 60% of the work is still done by hand.

Production Knives are produced in batches and sold as “Ready-to-Ship”, which means no production lead times. Stock will be loaded onto the Shop page where they can be purchased and shipped immediately.

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