Creating the Knife of Your Dreams

Below we explore the difference between each of our Custom Tier's. This will tell you everything you need to know about each Tier and which one best fits your idea for a custom made Ironside Edge Works knife.


Tier 1 Custom knives give you the option of some choices in terms of blade steels, finishing and handle materials, but still remain a very practical option for those looking at utilitarian every day carry knives.

Blade Steel:
Bohler K460

Blade Finish:
Cerakote Matt Black | Cerakote Urban Grey | Satin Oxide

Handle Choices:

Synthetic Scales:
Materials: Black G10 | Carbon Fiber
Patterns: Tsuka Pattern | Tsunami Pattern | Grooved Pattern
Liners: Brass | Copper
Pins: Carbon Fiber

All Synthetic Handles are hand finished to a matt sheen, with all sharp edges and protrusions softened for comfort.

Kydex Sheath: Full | Fold-Over | Pocket Hook

The Sheath is supplied with both IWB Clip & Soft Loops to mount in your preference. Tactical Mounts (MOLLE-Lok, etc.) can be supplied with Full sheaths upon request.

Tier 1 Pricing:

From $300.00


Tier 2 Custom options give you all the options of the previous Tier, but some more added depth to play with. In this Tier you will be able to choose from more steels and finishing options, as well as more exotic materials and handle choices.


Blade Steel:
K460 | M390 | Aogami

Carbon Steel Blade Finish (K460 / Aogami):
High Polished Blued | High Polished Patina | Hamon (Aogami Only)

Carbon Stainless Steel Blade Finish (M390):
Cerakote Matt Black | Cerakote Urban Grey | Grey Oxide | Satin Finish

Wood Burl Handle Scales:
Species: Walnut Burl | Elm Burl | Roobos Burl | Japanese Maple Burl | African Blackwood | Ancient Bog Oak & More
Patterns: Grooved | Chequered
Liners: Brass | Copper | Bronze
Pins: Brass | Copper | Titanium | Mosaic

All Burl Scales are hand sanded and polished to at least a satin finish, while metal parts are high polished.

Tsukamaki Handle:
Ito: Black Silk | Brown Silk | Burgundy Silk | Navy Silk | Gold Silk | Dark Green Silk | White Silk | Black Nubuck | Brown Nubuck | Black Leather | Brown Leather
Samegawa: White (Natural) | Antiqued | Black | Crimson | Gold
Fittings: Carbon Fiber | Black Buffalo Horn | Red Buffalo Horn | Bone | Titanium
Liners: Synthetic Black | Brass | Copper
Fitting Pins: Carbon Fiber | Stainless Steel | Brass | Titanium | Mosaic

Our Tsukamaki Handle is finished to a very high level and Silk wrapped handles are resin sealed for weather proofing.

Sharpening (Optional):
Hand Sharpened on Japanese Waterstone to high polished edge.

Tier 2 Pricing:
From $400.00


A Tier 3 Custom knife is this highest you can go. This offers customers all previous tier options, plus some extremely high end exotic materials and bespoke custom modifications. Here we can modify or change an existing design, or design you a knife entirely from scratch if you have something you’ve always wanted to bring to life.

Additional Exotic Materials Include (but aren’t limited in any way to):

Shibuichi, Shakudo, Damascus, Mokume, Timascus, Mammoth Ivory, Meteorite, Tamahagane and more…

Tier 3 Pricing:

From $600 +


While it is possible to buy Ready to Ship custom knives off of our social media pages, Tier 1 is by far more commonly availably than Tier 2, and conversely, Tier 3’s are almost never available.

The more rare and exotic, the more likely you will need to order directly from us.

High-end custom builds like Tier 3’s and even some Tier 2’s may take many months to complete due to them only being tackled by our senior knife makers, and the scarcity of exotic materials. While Tier 1 custom’s are made from more commonly available materials and can often be completed quicker.

Pricing also reflects this. We can only give accurate pricing once we know exactly what your Custom build will consist of, the estimates seen here however can act as a rough guideline for you.

If you are considering a Custom Build please get in touch so we can discuss your requirements.


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