Ironside Edge Works has grown tremendously since the start and demand for my work is higher than it’s ever been. To maintain the high standards I’ve set for myself and to fulfill that demand is not an easy balancing act.

Unfortunately, this work takes time. Coupled with the challenges in logistics of sourcing raw materials, most of which have to be imported and the inevitable delays which result from that, all mean that it can take upwards of 2 months to complete a custom order.

I will always do my best to complete orders as fast as possible, but it simply takes as long as it takes.

For 2020, I have decided to restructure my Order Book to limit custom orders to no more than 12 per month, with certain months being even less. The reason for this is to both be able to manage my customers’ expectations better and to be able to plan ahead for custom orders.

I will also spend time each month  making knives that will be ready to sell. However, these knives usually move very fast and there’s no guarantee that I will make exactly what you’re looking for. So if you have a specific model with a specific configuration that you want, the best would be to book a custom order slot for the year.

The rest of my time will be spent making whatever I feel like making, based on what materials I have available to me at any given moment, allowing me to get back to what I enjoy about knife making. I am a one man shop, not a factory.


Custom Orders:

A custom order is any order for any of the models of knives currently available in my line up, including Masterworks and Combative EDC lines. A custom order also pertains to any commissioned knife designed from scratch.

Custom orders allow you to guarantee yourself a specific model, in a specific configuration. Otherwise, it is pot luck whether what you’re looking for will come up for sale as a Ready to Ship item.

To place a custom order, a minimum of 50% Deposit is required, with the balance payable within the month it is booked for. For example: if you book a custom order slot for November 2020, 50% is payable on booking, with the balance payable in November 2020. Full payment upon ordering is also accepted, for those who do not like to budget for future expenses.

You cannot book a custom order slot unless you know what you want. I won’t hold slots open indefinitely, as this defeats the whole purpose of planning out the year ahead for me.

Ready to Ship Items

These are knives that I have completed and are ready to ship immediately. These items are typically knives I’ve made as experiments, or just for my own creative whims. Sometimes they may be cancelled orders.

These knives are posted for sale via my Instagram and Facebook pages and typically sell fairly fast, so it’s worth keeping an eye out. I will be posting Ready to Ship items every month


The list below details how many Custom Order slots are available for each month. This list will be updated as and when Custom Order Slots are taken. What you see is what is currently available.


4 Slots Available


8 Slots Available


8 Slots Available


8 Slots Available


8 Slots Available


8 Slots Available


8 Slots Available


8 Slots Available


8 Slots Available


8 Slots Available


8 Slots Available




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