There are two ways you can go about buying an Ironside Edge Works knife. You can either follow our Social Media channels on Facebook and Instagram and snap up knives that have been made and are ready to ship.

Alternatively, you can request to be placed on our Waiting List.

The Waiting List allows you to specify precisely what you are looking for in terms of the Model, Configuration, Steel, Finish, Handle Option, Sheath and Mount.If no specification is made for one of these options, it will be decided for you based on our experience and expertise. There is no pre-payment required to be placed on the Waiting List. However there is also no guarantee made on how long it will take to make your requested knife. We do not burden ourselves with time constraints.

Demand for our work is at an all time high. You can expect to wait between 6-12 months depending on exactly what you are looking for. 

When the knife you have requested is actively being made, you will be notified and asked if you are still intending to purchase it once complete. This is merely a “Heads up” for you to be ready, and ensure you have your finances in order to make payment once it is complete. You have no obligation to purchase.

Once it is ready it will be offered to you. At this point you can either accept and complete your order with full payment, or you can decline. If you decline to take the knife it will be offered for sale publicly.

In either case, whether you purchase a Ready Made knife or go on our Waiting List, please ensure you are familiar with the below Terms of Sale & Shipping Policy.


  • Shipping to North America & the EU is included in the price of items posted for sale, or quoted. If outside of these regions a shipping surcharge may need to be applied.
  • Due to logistical issues related to living and working in South Africa, we ship all orders via a consolidated Air Freight shipment to our UK based Shipping Partner. Once received at the UK Depot, orders are dispatched to their individual addresses. Because of this process we only do one consolidated shipment per month where by we ship all orders that are ready to be sent at that time. If your order misses this month-end shipment for whatever reason, it will only be sent on the next shipment.

Terms of Sale:

  • Once an order has been handed off to our shipping company, it is out of our control and we cannot guarantee transit times
  • Should a parcel be damaged or go missing during transit, any replacement will be made at our discretion, following a formal investigation by our shipping company
  • All items are sold with standard shipping included – should you wish to have additional insurance or priority shipping charges added, they will be charged to you before shipment takes place. Please contact us for rates should you so wish
  • Any import duties, taxes or brokerage fees due at the time of delivery are the sole responsibility of the receiving customer


  • Orders can be cancelled for a full refund within 14 days of placing the order
  • Once an item has been shipped and is in transit, no cancellations or refunds will be issued
  • As items are hand-crafted, they may be subject to delays in manufacture times if additions and extras are requested. While every effort is made to manufacture and ship within the specified time, it is not always possible due to delays in receipt of stock needed to complete an order

If you would like to request a place on our Waiting List there is some information we require. Please familiarise yourself with the Specifications of the particular knife you want in order that we can best facilitate your request.

If you choose to leave out any of the following details, we will use our best judgement to fill in the gaps.

Contact Details:

We require your Full Name, email and if you like a Username where we can message you on Instagram or Facebook. We will use this only for contacting you to notify you that your Request is being worked on and/or is complete and ready to purchase. We do not send out marketing material to email lists of any kind.

Knife Model & Configuration:

For obvious reasons, we need to know what Knife you want, and what configuration. Configuration refers to whether the knife is Single Edge, Double Edge, 1 3/4 Edge, Single Edge with Mune Ridge, Single Edge with Swedge, etc.

The available configurations for a particular model are noted in the Knife Profile page with all the other specifications.

Steel Choice & Finish:

Certain Knife models may allow you to choose from a variety of different steels. Our default blade steel is Bohler K460, but we can also offer Elmax, and M390 as options, as well as Japanese steels like VG-10, Aogami #2 and Shiminogashi laminated steels. Japanese steels are however only available on certain models.

The way your blade is finished is also a consideration. By default we finish our blades to a dark Etch. With steels like Elmax, M390 and VG-10 this can be a dark Grey, while high carbon steels etch a darker black.

Our Carbon Steels like K460 and Aogami #2 can also be finished to a high polish. This is done mainly by hand and creates a deep patina when etched. Laminated steels like Shimunogashi are only finished this way.

Finally, Aogami #2 can also be differentially hardened on certain models and Hadori Polished to reveal a traditional Hamon. This is a highly specialised process and requires many hours of additional work.

Handle Options:

The handle choice can be quite varied. Certain models only support certain handle options. Please check the specifications in the Knife’s profile page to see what handle options there are.

Please also specify the variants within the handle option. Handle scales can be finished with certain contour patterns, Tsukamaki handles offer a complex array of materials, finish methods and colours.

Please make sure you have considered the options and know what you want.

Sheath & Mount Options:

Finally, you can choose which sheath type you would like and the mount option with it. Again, certain knife models may not support all Sheath types. Check the specifications on the Knife Profile Page to understand the options.

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