Ironside Edge Works has grown tremendously since the start and demand for my work is higher than it’s ever been. To maintain the high standards I’ve set for myself and to fulfil that demand is not an easy balancing act. While I have tried to simultaneously offer both custom, hand made knives as well as more streamlined production models, it simply doesn’t work for me.

It’s for this reason I’ve opted to go back to the “old ways”. Ironside Edge Works is a hand made custom knife brand and that is what it will always be. I have limited the amount of orders I take on to a maximum of 15 per month.

There are no more categories and finishing levels. All knives I make are handmade and finished to the highest levels possible.


Custom Knives:

These bespoke knives offer personalised finishes and are made to an exacting high standard (Masterworks). This also includes any custom commissioned design, or modification.

There are two ways to order a Custom Knife:

1: Order and pay 50% Deposit with the balance payable on completion. (Full payment is also an option    if you prefer not to budget)

2: Request the knife and be added to a Waiting List.

The first option secures your place and means we start working on your Knife ASAP. Lead times are a difficult subject as materials and supplies can take a very long time to replenish if they run out, and it can take up to 2 months simply to get an import through customs here. So while I do try to make sure custom knifes are completed within 2 Months, delays can unfortunately happen and sometimes orders can stretch out to 3 Months. The only guarantee I offer is that it will only take as long as it needs to. I will never rush an order and compromise on its quality to get it out the door. Even if it means starting the project all over again.

Opting for the second option means you do not need to pay anything up front. It does mean however that your order is not prioritised, and will be completed as and when supplies and time are available. Upon completion you will be notified and will be given the option to buy the knife. If you choose not to that is ok, we will simply offer it to the next person on the Waiting List, or offer it for sale publicly.


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