Ironside Edge Works has grown tremendously since the start and demand for my work is higher than it’s ever been. To maintain the high standards I’ve set for myself and to fulfill that demand is not an easy balancing act.

As of 2020 a new category of Ex Machina Knives will be available to fulfil the demand of knives in basic configurations, which will be available off the shelf as a “Ready-to-Ship” option.

Custom Knives and Masterworks Knives will still be available for customers who want something a little more special. However the way these knives are ordered has changed. Please see below for more info.


Ex Machina Knives:

The Ex Machina line are production knives which are complete and ready-to-ship. They offer function without the need to wait a long time. These knives are made in batches, and are still hand finished to a high degree to maintain the quality standards that are expected from Ironside Edge Works.

When new stock is made, they will be available for purchase via a new Shop Page on the website, where you can Order, Pay and have it shipped immediately.

Custom Knives:

Custom Knives include any of the models in that category, as well as any custom commissioned design.

Custom Knives allow you to guarantee yourself a specific model, in a specific configuration, with the handle option of your choice. While occasionally Custom Knives may come up for sale as “Ready-to-Ship” they usually sell very quickly, and there is no guarantee it will be what you’re looking for.

Because of big issues I have had in the past with orders becoming backlogged, sometimes for many months, I have decided to change how Custom Knives are ordered to limit the pressure put onto myself, as well as better manage any expectations the customer may have on time frames.

The simple fact is living and working in South Africa will always present challenges, whether it’s waiting for raw material to make their way through a slow and inefficient customs port, or simply not having any electricity for the day to be able to work. There will always be delays.

Anyone wishing to order a Custom Knife can still do so. However I limited the amount of these I can work on each month. I also work on what I can, when I can – that is, time and materials allowing. Therefore this is more like a “Request List”.

You do not have to pay anything upfront to request a Custom Knife, and there is no obligation to take it once it’s done. You will simply get the first offer to buy it once it is complete. This way you are not putting money into a knife that may take several months to arrive, and I’m free from the pressure of needing to clear paid for backlogs.

This system is the most simple I can think of. You can request something special and wait, or keep your eyes on my Social Media pages and Store and perhaps grab something you fancy if/when it becomes available.

Masterworks Knives

Masterworks Knives are exceedingly special due to the exotic materials and the time invested in each piece.

Typically these knives are not available for pre-ordering and are sold as and when they are complete, or nearing completion. If you are looking to get a Masterworks knife its best to keep an eye on my Instagram and Facebook pages, as this is where availability will be announced.

Waiting time on these knives is indefinite. Masterworks knives are made to the highest and most exacting standards possible and require many hours of work, specialist materials and patience. Do not order one if you aren’t the type of person who can wait.

Alternatively you can also ask to be notified when these knives may become available and be put on a waiting list.


How Long Do Custom Knives Take to Complete?

It depends on what exactly it is.

If it contains more exotic raw materials which I do not have in stock it can take upwards of 1-2 months just to get the materials needed. Then there are other logistical challenges regarding working in a “developing country” like sometimes not having any electricity for up to 4 hours a day.

These issues can mean it can sometimes take a while. Ideally, if everything needed is in stock and ready to go, and I don’t have a lot of other knives to finish, it can be as quick as 2-3 weeks. On the other side of the spectrum it can be closer to 5-6 months.

I will do my best to give you an accurate lead time estimate when you make a Custom Knife request, but I no longer make any promises with regard to lead times.

Can You Do a Complete Custom Design?

I can and occasionally do take on bespoke custom orders.

This very much depends on what the project you have in mind is. There are certain things I won’t do, either because they simply don’t interest me or because I feel strongly that they are bad ideas and do not want my reputation associated with them.

I’m always open to an idea, but please don’t take offence if I turn you down. If you are interested please get in touch to discuss it further.

Can You Ship Worldwide?

I can ship almost anywhere in the world.

I have shipped knives to North America, including Hawaii, and the EU on a regular basis. If you live somewhere remote or you are unsure feel free to ask.

Can You Ship to APO Addresses?

At this time unfortunately not.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship?

Shipping to North America and the EU is included in the prices you will be quoted, and that you see on the website.

If you live outside of North America or the EU we will add a shipping surcharge to your quote if applicable. While we can ship anywhere, some areas like the Middle East, South and Central America, or remote islands can be expensive to reach and will require an additional shipping charge.

Do you offer "Spa Treatments" to older Ironside Edge Works knives?


As a rule you are welcome to send back any knife for some TLC and machine sharpening services, for no charge.

Full refurbishment and hand sharpening on Japanese Water Stones does come at a service charge, which will be quoted depending on what exactly needs to be done.

Shipping to and from my Workshop will be charged for.


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