Combative EDC Knives

Since 2017 the goal of Ironside Edge Works has been to produce uncompromising knives purpose made for the Combative role. Every aspect of this specific niche has been considered, from Edge Geometry to Ergonomics and Concealability. And since then these knives have found use across the world by practitioners of all kinds of Combative Edge Weapon arts.

Each of these Knives is produced by hand, with some CNC processing for speed of production. Each knife is freehand beveled and shaped, with handles fitted and contoured by hand. Lastly, each knife is fitted with a custom made Kydex Sheath and hand sharpened methodically on Japanese water stones to create a perfectly polished edge.

All of these knives can be ordered with an accompanying Steel Trainer for use in practice drills and sparring.

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