Knifemakers Notebook

  • Oct182021

    Defensive Knife Design – The Sheath

    In our last entry in this series, Defensive Knife Design – Ergonomics, we looked at the importance of how the…

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  • Sep182021

    Defensive Knife Design – Ergonomics

    In the first article of this series, Defensive Knife Design: The Blade, we covered the business end of the knife…

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  • Sep102021
    Defensive Knife Design

    Defensive Knife Design – The Blade

    In this series of articles we are going to put forward what like to term “Critical Design Elements” of Defensive…

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  • Sep142020

    The Craig Douglas Ibara Project – Part 2

    I set about learning everything I could about Shibuichi and Shakudo. These are traditional Japanese metal alloys used to create…

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  • Sep112020
    Craig Douglas Ibara

    The Craig Douglas Ibara Project – Part 1

    It was a regular morning on the 12th of February 2019 when I got a message via instagram from an…

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