Licensing Opportunity for Manufacturers
April 28, 2020 in Knife News

I recently made a big decision to return to the “old ways” – the ways in which I used to do the work of making custom knives which means limited quantities so that I can focus on the quality and individual nature of each and ever order. This also means I will no longer be […]

Custom Orders in 2020
November 11, 2019 in Knife News

With 2019 drawing to a close, I have been thinking once again about how to better improve my workflow and have revised my Custom Orders in 2020. While I’ve had some very busy months in the last year, some have been slower and there have been challenges as well as major frustrations. With all of […]

Ironside Edge Works Yokai
First Look at Yokai – Multi-Grip Defensive Blade
November 2, 2018 in Knife News

After more than a year of creating defensive knives, there have been increased requests for something a little smaller. Most people are naturally concerned with concealment, and for those with smaller frames, even something like the Shrike can pose a problem. While some more compact models have been released already in the form of the […]