Creating the Knife of Your Dreams

Bespoke Knives offers our customers the opportunity to have a fully fledged custom design, from idea to complete product. This service is not for the feint hearted. This can take up to 12 months from design to completion. If you would like a specific Maker to design and craft your knife for you, it may take an additional period of time before they can even begin the project, dependent on their schedule and commitments.


This is the first phase of the journey of getting a Bespoke Knife made by us. It starts with your design brief. Ultimately we will decide who is best tasked for the job, unless you have a specific Maker/Designer in mind who you would like to oversee the project.

At this point the Designer will put together drawings based on your brief. You will have a direct line of communication with the Designer/Maker to ensure brevity and your design may go through several iterations before both you and the Designer are happy to proceed. We can also during this phase advise you on both the material requirements and options – if you’re wanting something truly one of a kind, exotic materials know no limits.


In this phase your design will be prototyped. It may require several pieces to be made as tests depending on the complexity of your build.This is also where we will iron out any design flaws, or design elements which may ultimate hold back the design from performing as it should.

Once we have created a final prototype that we feel can be made to the high standards you expect, as well as function and perform as it should, we will move to the final Phase.


The Final Build can now begin. Your design will be brought to life to your desired specifications. For truly Bespoke Knives, we work with a variety of steels and materials. From exotics like Aogami or Shirogami, SanMai laminated steels to some of the finest Damascus available from renown smiths. Handle materials and fittings can include Timascus, Shibuichi, Shakudo, the finest Tsukamaki’s and even rare elements like Meteorite. Whatever you can think we can create it.


This process obviously requires serious commitment on both our, and our clients part. This is a long-term project that requires a certain level of dedication.

Pricing for Bespoke Knives starts at $600.00 and can go up from there depending on all the materials involved.


We Will be Delighted to Discuss Your Requirements