Ironside Edge Works was started in 2017 by Gavin Coleman, and joined later in 202 by Elijah Wessels. Together we have worked hard to create knives that are sought after by collectors and users alike. 

The knives we make are inspired at their core by our martial arts backgrounds. 

With decades of experience between us in both traditional arts and self defense combatives we always put the practical design first. It is a fundamental philosophy for us that the purpose of the knife is never compromised by aesthetics, and we never embellish our work for the sake of being different or standing out from the crowd. 

We carry our own knives daily and understand that relying on a tool for the purpose of self defence and preservation requires trust in the maker. Our reputation with well respected individuals in the combatives community is something we don’t take for granted. 

We have been privileged enough to see our knives tested over the years by civilians and professionals alike, across almost every continent of the world. It is always an honour for us to know that we have this trust, and it remains a constant thought in our minds while we are crafting the tools we make every day. 


Our goal is to make well made knives that not only endure the task they are designed to perform, but also stand the test of time. 

We have spent years perfecting our knifemaking skills to achieve this goal. All of our blades are freehand ground – and while this never results in true perfection – what it does mean is the touch of a human maker is behind each and every one. This is carried through to all aspects of our work. Every part of the knife is carefully done by hand. 

It’s our belief that an EDC knife does not need to be austere. Much like the Samurai of Feudal Japan, whose swords were not only tremendously effective weapons but also symbols of status, reflective of the spiritual beliefs and personal tastes of the owner. We feel the personal defensive knife should be an object of reverence. 

To this end we use only the finest materials we can. Our Tsukamaki materials are sourced from Japan, prepared with traditional tools and techniques, and completed as true to the original as we can. The result is a contemporary artistic representation of the traditional Japanese handle. 

Our aim is to bring the same attention to detail to every knife we make. Creating tools that are purpose driven and crafted as beautifully as possible.