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Who we are and what we do

Ironside Edge Works

Our Origins

Ironside Edge Works was founded in 2017 by lead knife maker and designer Gavin Coleman. Since this very beginning our knives have always been about one thing – Defensive Every Day Carry.

All the knives made at Ironside Edge Works are done by a small team of just two makers; Gavin Coleman and Elijah Wessels. Both of whom have been involved in traditional Martial Arts as well as Self Defence and Combative practice for many years. This knowledge accrued between them, combined with the experience of living and working in a notably dangerous country has found its way into the knives we produce. 

Our knives are designed for hard use. With edges and points designed to withstand the rigours of close combat, our first priority has always been the durability of our knives and the survivability of our users. We are always trying to stack the odds in your favour. 

We straddle the line between purely functional weapons and well considered aesthetic art. As one of the great masters of modern design, Frank Lloyd Wright, once said: “Form should not follow function, both should exist in perfect harmony”. This is something we not only hold to be true, but also self evident. One of our greatest inspirations are traditional Japanese swords, and the great respect that is attributed to them not only for their beauty, but their deadly function as well. When you can respect the blade for its ability, and its aesthetics, it transcends being a mere object. It becomes the Divine Companion which watches over you in life. 

Over the years our knives have found their mark and have also found their way all over the world. From our humble workshop in the city of Cape Town we have shipped knives to users in the USA, Canada, Israel, Germany, Mexico, The Netherlands, Philippines and many more. We have also had the honour of providing knives to active duty military and law enforcement officers in these countries. It gives us a great pride and satisfaction to know our work is watching over men and women who watch over us, both locally and abroad.

We thank every one of our customers over the years, from the very beginning we have always strived to provide the best we can.

Ironside Edge Works

Our Method

In 2022 we decided to go back to our roots. Returning to primarily making custom knives, made to order for the individual tastes of our customers and users. We have done this while still offering the basic off-the-shelf option for those who require expediency and utility. Our Tier 1 Knives.

Regardless of which, each of our blades is freehand ground by hand to produce the bevels and cutting edges, creating a knife that is truly honed by the skill of a craftsperson.

Likewise our handles are fully constructed by hand. Whether its a synthetic or burl wood handle scale being shaped and contoured by our artisans, or a traditional Tsukamaki Handle that takes days and hours to complete, the personal touch is always there.

Ironside Edge Works
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