The knife is defiant. 

It is mankind’s first real tool. From the sharpened pieces of flint stone our ancient ancestors used to both process animals for food, and to defend themselves from those who would take it from them, The Knife has evolved, and endured for thousands of years. 

This is perhaps why it is so intrinsically linked to us. Why it is seen as a type of independence. Why so many boys who are coming of age begin their journey into manhood with their very own knife. It is the first tool chosen for survival. It means the difference between struggle and life. 

The knife is the first tool we developed in order to tame the world around us. It has been a symbol for kings and tyrants. It has oppressed and liberated. And while it may be outdated as a weapon, it still endures as a symbol of bravery in warfare. 

Is this perhaps why some would take it away from us? Is this why some would limit our access to a tool in the name of safety or some other simplistic ideal? For a man who has a knife has access to everything he needs.

It is somewhat ironic that those who coerce and limit our ability to have certain things do so in the name of peace and anti-violence. Yet, the working definition of violence that I’ve subscribed to in both my teaching life and now says: 

“Violence is a tool with which to force a person to give you that which they do not want to give. Violence or the threat of violence is not just physical. It is psychological, financial and emotional”

If we do not want to give up our freedom and independence, and someone threatens us physically it is quite obviously tyrannical. However when the threat is more subtle, like… you won’t be able to promote your business and put food on the table anymore. Is that threat no less tyrannical?

To what end does the tyranny seek to disarm us? Deep down we know the answer to this question because it is repeated over many thousands of years of our human history. It is simple: To make us completely dependant on them. 

The knife is the very root of that declaration of independence. It is the most base form of freedom in an object you can have. What they fail to understand is that it will never go away. Even if we may no longer make the sophisticated knives we are accustomed to – a simple sharpened stick can be relied upon as well. 

Will they outlaw sticks?

The knife is a symbol of the human spirit, of enduring struggle, of taming the world around us. Of protecting ourselves and our loved ones, of securing our independence and being self reliant. 

Don’t fall victim to the subtle tyrannies that go often unchecked in today’s world. These are all things we should be clinging onto with white knuckles grasped around the handle of a blade. 

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