As Knifemakers we are constantly challenged with finding ways to promote what we do in a Social Media landscape that seems determined to kill our industry and our livelihoods. Ask any Knifemaker on Instagram right now… it’s dead, and our businesses are suffering because of an algorithm that is biased against what we do. 

To counter this we have launched a new strategy on Patreon.

We are offering Paid Membership via this platform which not only helps support us financially to keep doing what we do, but as a Patron you get some unique benefits out of the deal. 

We offer just one supporter Tier on Patreon, for $5.00 a month you get access to unique content that would get us shadow banned elsewhere. But more than that you get automatic entry into giveaways of unique custom knives. 

Giveaways happen every 3 months and will consist of unique, or rare models we don’t typically make or offer. These are opportunities for those wanting to snag a rare and collectable knife of ours. To qualify for giveaways you need to be a fully paid up member for at least 1 month prior to the Giveaway. 

We do 4 Giveaways a year roughly 3 months apart, so no matter when you join you’ll likely be part of the next draw!

Another benefit is Special Drops!

Our Patreon Supporters get to part of this process. We don’t simply announce special drops, we let you decide what we make!

Drops are always limited editions of no more than 5 knives which are available exclusively to our Patreon Supporters and no one else. We make 4 Drops per year roughly 3 months apart and pieces are claimed on a first-come-first-served basis by paid members. 

Drops will almost always consist of models we have from our back catalogue and extensive design files, so you are guaranteed to find something unique and different as a Patreon Member. 

Join our Patreon Channel as a paid supporter for just $5.00 a month at the button below!

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