When I tell people that Ironside Edge Works has been going for nearly 7 years now, the response is usually along the lines of “for a business to be going that long you must be doing something right”. In truth, I feel like we have done everything possible there is to do wrong…

If I’m even more honest with myself, I feel like we have been chasing the wrong goals. Something goes missing from creative work when you begin to try to maximise its potential earning. The creativity simply goes away and replication takes its place.

“That idea worked, so lets just do that – a lot of that – and we’ll good”. It seems logical but it’s flawed. Somewhere along the way we decided to do what we thought people would like instead of doing what we wanted to do. 

Ironside Edge Works began its life as an exploration into combative and defensive knives, and pushing the boundaries of what that could mean. Elevating knives that were considered “simple tools” to places where they were still functional, but so much more.

I was inspired, early on, by the famous quote of Frank Lloyd Wright.

“Form should not follow function. Both should exist in perfect harmony”. 

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I based my entire outlook on design on this Philosophy.

Ironside Edge Works knives are both functional and true in their design, but don’t neglect the elegance and flow of the lines. Their adornment is both functional and practical to usage, but crafted with care and attention to detail so that it may transcend mere function and be a thing of beauty as well.

This aligned perfectly with the Japanese aesthetic and is what began my career long obsession with Japanese Tsukamaki.

This is a craft that cannot be replicated on mass. The artistry simply gets lost. And what I’ve learned over the last year is that It’s easy to take for granted what lead to your success.

It’s this realisation that has brought me to the conclusion that Ironside Edge Works must return to the artistry it was born from. It’s not about chasing targets on a spreadsheet, it’s about dreaming of the next new thing we want to create, and trusting that the success will follow from that. 

We have done many things as a company. We have gone in all directions and explored possibilities. We have turned Ironside Edge Works into an experiment. Finding it’s place in the world by trying new things, methods and directions. Along the way we have refined our skills and abilities and found out what we are exceptionally good at. We do not consider ourselves masters or speak from arrogance, but we know what we know. 

2024 is a time to take stock, understand where we have made our mistakes, correct them, but also focus on what we do best. We make some of the most sought after knives in the world. That is not something we should ignore, but rather lean into. 

As we approach our 7th year, we are rediscovering what made us who we are. We are returning to artistry, we are returning to Custom Knives the way it should have been done all along. We are staying in our lane and refining even further. We are fixing the problems we overlooked in the face of pushing forward. In short, we are going back to our roots. 

The best of Ironside Edge Works lies ahead and I’m personally very excited about the knives we are going to be creating.

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