There are both positives and negatives to becoming a business owner without the formal training of business degrees. Ironside Edge Works naturally evolved into a full time business and it has been a long and difficult road. Many mistakes have been made, many pitfalls triggered and on multiple occasions we really should have quit.

But both of us having come from relatively humble beginnings, we are both committed and fully invested in the success of our business. But all the mistakes we have made have forced us to take a hard look at what Ironside Edge Works has become and make some difficult decisions to make real improvements. 

We have had a Custom Order backlog for some time now. While many of the issues of the past years like Covid lockdowns and supplier / service issues haven’t helped us at all, we have mismanaged this aspect of our business and really hurt ourselves in the process. Wanting to grow too big too quickly is also a major area where we have done ourselves harm. 

It is for these reasons we have made the decision to scale back what we do and focus on relieving the Custom Order Backlog to fulfil what we promised. We are going to be putting our creative energies and hand craft time into making these Custom Orders what they should be – an experience worthy of the patience, and a product that is second to none. 

To facilitate this, and ensure we can keep our workshop running, keep our rent paid and supplies coming in, we are only committing to producing knives and tools from our Shinobi line going forward. Our Ronin and Hokkatsu categories will go dormant, while the Hanzo category will disappear all together. 

When we are clear of the Custom Backlog, we will reintroduce the Ronin line, but far more scaled back. We want to rebuild Ironside Edge Works in the vision we always wanted it to be. To do that we need to clear the slate and fix the systemic problems have have come from two owners who are still learning to run a business. 

We sincerely apologise to all those who have had to wait so long for this to happen. We are also sorry to disappoint those who may have been looking forward to acquiring one of the knives we are now shelving for the foreseeable future. 

Some models may not come back at all, but it is too early at this stage to say that for certain. All we know and feel in our soul is that this is necessary and it will ultimately lead us to be able to offer the service and quality our customers deserve in future. 

Thank you for being with us for so long.

G & E

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