in late December we were privileged to announce that for 2024 Mr. Terry Trahan would be our official “Brand Ambassador”, or as he prefers simply, our Representative. 

We are deeply honoured that a legend in the industry would deem us worthy to be associated with him, and we would like to share the first video from him talking through why he decided to work with us and what he likes about his personal Shrike!

We look forward to the collaboration this year!

1 thoughts on “An Intro from Terry Trahan

  1. George Felt says:

    I find it caries best OWB when mounted horizontally on belt at off hand (L for R dominant) side, assuming you want to leave your right hand free for other activities. Mount it at 9 o’clock and handle sticks out so you cannot conceal. The horizontal 10-11 o’clock position with 2 loops so handle is canted down toward center just below belt line, conceals well, draws fast, wears comfortably, easy access. Loop toward (back) point one hole shorter than front loop, blade facing up. Good luck…

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