IT’s a little early, but we just couldn’t wait to share the news! We are very proud and excited to announce and introduce our 2024 Brand Ambassador, Terry Trahan!

Terry really needs no introduction to those who are embedded in the knife combative and FMA world. Terry has seen his fair share of conflict, having decades of experience in street life and violent sub-cultures, as well as being a sought after instructor. Terry has many years of training in SouthEast Asian Martial Arts, is the head of the Kapatiran Suntukan Martial Arts organization, and is the lead instructor for WeaselCraft his own non-traditional approach to personal security. Terry is a specialist when it comes to knives in all aspects from design, to use, and his experience is invaluable.

Although our relationship with Terry isn’t new, it is now formal. You can look forward to Terry showing you around our knives, from their design aspects and carry methods to effective usage. We are also excited about working with Terry to improve what we offer even further, as well as collaborating with him on some special projects in 2024, and maybe if the stars align we will have some special events together. 

You can find out more about Terry on his social media below, and if you are interested in his teaching you can reach out to him, or follow his Patreon for exclusive content. 



In closing, we will end our praises of Terry with a quote from Rory Miller

“Terry Trahan, who personifies combat as weasel-craft. The thinking man’s bad ass. Martially a silat player. Professionally, at one point he was the highest-paid and most sought-after bouncer in the Mountain States, and designed knives (among other duties) for a major blade company. I like and respect him, for experience, knowledge and physical skills. He’s both a true friend and an Honorable Enemy. He will tell me if he thinks I’m wrong– and I will listen.”
Rory Miller

Welcome, officially, to the Ironside Edge Works Team Mr Terry Trahan!

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