In 2024 we are embarking on a new initiative to help put our defensive knives in the hands of professionals who need them. We have launched our new discount program for Law Enforcement Officers, Military Personnel and 1st Responders which will allow 20% off any Tier 1 Series or Shinobi Tsukamaki Series knives. 

This program is open to all active duty personnel, across the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Israel and South Africa. 

To qualify for this discount you need to apply via email with proof of your service, this can be your standards card, military ID, etc. as we will need some way of verifying that you are active duty and in service. Once accepted you will be issued your own personal discount code to use at your leisure. The code will be linked to the email you use to contact us and must be the same as the one you use to create your account. 

We hope that service members can find value in this offer and we can help to put defensive tools into the hands of the professionals who do the work few know about. 

To apply please contact us with the following info:

  • Your Full Name
  • The Email Address you wish to link your discount code to
  • A photo of your service ID

Please email directly to: 

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