Since January of 2023, we have gone through the most stressful time of our lives. Many may not realise that Ironside Edge Works is really just a small 2 man artisan workshop, a small business that supports us. 

In January we were hit with the bomb that PayPal had seized our account, in short this devastated our livelihoods because it was the only option for our small South African business to receive payments from our overseas customers – which is our primary market. Long story short, this set us on a journey which has been incredibly difficult, but the results have been worth the effort. 

We have had to jump through many hoops and sort through a lot of red tape to get here, but we are proud to announce that Ironside Edge Works is now fully supported by. Revere Payments. An independent payment processor in the USA who supports Freedom, the 2nd Amendment, is pro-Christian and stands against cancel culture. For a business in the knife making industry that specialises in defensive knives, this is a critical issue. 

While most of the mainstream tech world is opting to suppress or not work with businesses like ours, there are many that will. For us that meant starting a US business, taking on a US Business Partner, and taking our small Cape Town based workshop fully international. 

Ironside Edge Works now has its own “warehouse” in the USA where all our stock will be shipped from, which in future will mean faster delivery time and better after sale service. More importantly it means we can with the help of Revere Payments, take payments independently, from all major credit and debit cards, as well as Apple Pay and GooglePay. 

This is a huge step. We cannot understate what it means for us as a small business, but also for our industry. We want to urge all other Knife Makers out there to consider doing the same. If you care for our industry you need to protect it. You need to stop supporting the tech companies which secretly want you to disappear, stop giving them a portion of your hard earned money. Rather support the emerging companies like Revere who want you to thrive.

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