In 2023 we decided we would like to not only put our knives in the hands of experienced people to get their feed back, especially as we expand our own horizon’s and begin developing tools which don’t fit our own personal methodologies. Enter Thomas Holtmann of Bladecraft Method, the first ever Ironside Edge Works Sponsored Instructor!

Thomas H. has been training Martial Arts for 45 years. Although he started with Judo and later added Aikido and Japanese Jiu Jitsu his first true love were the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts which also resulted in a master degree in chinese literature, chinese history/philosophy and chinese language (he even wrote his master thesis about Gong Fu training manuals).

While studying in China he trained in the so called internal arts mainly Ba Gua Zhang, Xing Yi Quan and some Ba Ji Quan. But his main style is Northern Praying Mantis Gong Fu where he happens to be the president of the german branch of the Zhong Lianbao International Qi Xing Tang Lang Kung Fu Federation.

Thomas is also a Full Dog Brother and a Black Belt (Sandan) in Tokio Hirano Judo and a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has even produced a DVD titled “Grappling for Stickfighting”.

He was the second person worldwide to become fully certified in Piper and Libre but decided to move on and teach his own approach regarding the usage of the blade: The BladeCraft Method. He is working now for over 20 years in the security field and taught students from all over the world coming from all different backgrounds (military, police, security and civilians).

We are excited to welcome Thomas to the Ironside Edge Works tribe! We look forward to seeing what he can do with our knives and getting his feedback to make our knives even better for our users. You can follow Thomas H. at the social links below.



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